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Meet the Team: Ali Budz, Patient Care Consultant

Hello Solevo Family! Welcome to July’s “Meet the Team” with Cranberry’s own Ali Budz! Ali joined Solevo in Fall of 2018 and quickly became an integral part of the Cranberry team. Having prior experience managing a vape shop, Ali brings a level of expertise that is appreciated by PCCs and patients alike, especially when it comes to concentrates. Her kind demeanor and willingness to help has provided many patients with comfort and trust in medical marijuana. Get to know her a little better below. 

1. What brought you into this industry?

I have dreamed of pursuing a career in the medical marijuana field for many years, whether that be helping patients through consultation, or researching cannabis in a more clinical manner. I studied neuroscience and psychology in college, and hoped to take a new approach to helping people find relief. Cannabis and I kind of stumbled across each other as a solution to a problem I wanted to solve, in that I already believed in it’s power as a holistic remedy, but when I started doing research, I was astounded by the potential it had with very serious conditions like I was learning about in my courses. Plus, with a last name like Budz, it seemed like fate once it was all in motion! 

2. What excites you about coming to work everyday?

Every day is a little different, because every patient I see is a little different and I try to make it a personalized experience each time I see them. The day is busy and fast paced, and when you go home at the end of the day no matter how tired you are, you feel in your heart that you’ve helped a lot of people find some relief that day. And if I can make them smile, or help them to understand their medicine better in my time with them, then I have something I can be proud of every day. 

3. What has been the most rewarding part of being a PCC at Solevo Wellness?

To have a patient that you know has been frustrated or struggling for a long time come in with a smile on their face, to see they have been given some relief and most importantly, hope, it is very rewarding. I call it the tipping point, when patients have a new confidence and understanding of medical cannabis, and we’ve reached a place of trust and understanding in each other as well. When a patient comes in and says “I see you’re out of what I usually get, but I know you can help me find a replacement” it puts a lot of faith in us, and I’m happy to rise to the occasion. 

4. What is your favorite strain and what does it help with? (Bonus: What is your favorite form and why?)

I have SO many favorite strains, it is honestly hard to choose, but one of my go-tos for anxiety, depression and  pain is SFV OG. While I have a special place in my heart for all OGs, this cultivar in particular offers incredible flavor and relief for my symptoms. Here in PA, you can find it in Krypto’s Kush from Prime Wellness, and Larry OG from Moxie.

Bonus: I’m a concentrates gal! Prior to working in this industry, I worked in a vaporizer store. Once you get the knack for the devices necessary for concentrates, it becomes a very easy, discreet and potent choice for fast symptom relief. Plus, you really get to experience the full flavors of many terpenes through live concentrates, giving you unique profiles for each cultivar!

5. What do you consider your MMJ expertise?

I tend to help out a lot of patients figure out the vaporizer devices to use with their medicine, whether that’s troubleshooting why a battery won’t work, or picking out a nice dry herb or concentrate vaporizer. There are so many different options, for a very wide range of prices out there, and not all of them have a patient’s best interest in mind. I’m here to help when I can, and might be able to offer a few tips on what to look for in a quality product! 

6. What are you hoping to expand your knowledge on?

I love to learn, and with the new addition of anxiety disorders to our list of qualifying conditions for the program, I want to re-learn as much as I can about psychological disorders and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system, so that I can be helping all of our new patients to the very best of my abilities! 

7. What is something you want curious people to know about medical marijuana and the program in PA?

I think that even if people aren’t sure if medical marijuana is right for them, they should try to keep an open mind and be informed about the PA medical marijuana program and everything that it has to offer. While it may not be for everyone, medical marijuana is a safe, natural and healthy medical option for many individuals that desperately deserve help and relief from symptoms, and it should be available as an option without fear or judgement from their community. So become an advocate, a support system, a caregiver or patient, wherever you may fit in. You never know who might be thinking of reaching out for help. But most of all, have hope.

Next time you’re in, make sure to stop over and say hello to Ali!