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All About Terrapods from Terrapin

Medically Reviewed by: Andrew Bucciarelli, BS, PharmD, RPh

Terrapin Pennsylvania is shaking up the cannabis industry with their vaporizer pods, terrapods. With their main goal to provide access to affordable products for medical marijuana users, TerraPod offers medical marijuana users the highest-quality products at a price that won’t break the bank.

But what is exactly is a TerraPod? And what makes it unique and different from other pod cartridge delivery systems? We’ll explore of all of this, and more, today.

What is a Terrapod?

First introduced in Fall 2018, a TerraPod is a vaporizer pod produced by Terrapin Pennsylvania, a grower and processor of medical-grade cannabis products that are distributed throughout the keystone state. Terrapin Pennsylvania is located in South Avis, PA in Clinton County.

Currently, there are two types of TerraPods:

  • Standard is a high-quality distillate combined with cannabis-derived terpenes.
  • Crystal Double uses an innovative method to extract water-clear Ultra High Purity (UHP) terpenes without using solvent. The UHP terpenes are then incorporated into the distillate at twice the ration of Terrapin Pennsylvania’s normal cartridges. The method achieves the purest and most distinct flavor profiles available to medical marijuana users, resulting in a brand-new terpene experience.

The Terrapod & CCELL Dart

This is really where the TerraPod separates itself from the pack. It’s the one-two punch that medical marijuana users seek. The CCELL Dart vaporizer pairs with a small CCELL Terrapod cartridge. This cartridge is filled with cannabis oil and serves as the mouthpiece for the device when magnetically connected to the battery. The CCELL Dart vaporizer is the first vaporizer to be specifically designed for high viscosity extracts and the first to use CCELL technology.

CCELL technology embeds a heating coil around the vaporizer’s ceramic core circumference, ensuring uniform heat. The CCELL Dart vaporizer produces bigger vapor clouds with more consistent flavors and increased potency. This optimizes the efficiency of the cannabis oil.

Vaporizer hardware has largely been limited to PAX Labs. Since PAX Labs owned the market on this type of hardware, retail prices were high, greatly restricting patient access. Enter Phoenix, Arizona-based distributor of inhalation technology, Jupiter Research, who developed production for the CCELL Dart.

Are Pod Systems Worth It?

Evaluating whether or not a pod system is worth it really depends on the individual user. Medical marijuana users should know what they like before venturing into a pod system. 

There are big benefits to the TerraPod system and CCELL Dart vaporizer. It’s inhale-activated, compact, and rechargeable. Moreover, benefits include:

  • Easy access and sleek design: With a comfortable matte grip that fits into palm of your hand, it’s a perfect system for those with dexterity issues. It’s also free of buttons.
  • Innovative CCELL technology: This means your oil is heated uniformly resulting in a more enjoyable and balanced user experience.
  • Easy draw: The 500 mg TerraPods provide an easy draw. This can create too much vapor on your first inhalation, but this may be beneficial for some users that need larger doses of marijuana.
  • Full-flavor profiles: Whether using a strain-specific or flavored pod, you can taste flavors with each inhalation.
  • Long Lasting: Providing 210 quality inhalations after each charge means your system is lasting through multiple uses.
  • Quality parts: Forget about waste! Quality materials means a leak-proof experience and complete vaporization of oil.

Who Makes Terrapods?

First launched in Spring 2018 in the keystone state, Terrapin Pennsylvania produces TerraPods and Terrapin cartridges. Terrapin Pennsylvania is part of Terrapin Care Station, which began out of Boulder, CO, in 2009. They were among the first 12 to earn grower/processor licenses in PA in 2017. They help been helping Solevo Wellness provide outstanding medical marijuana products to Western Pennsylvanians since April 2018.

At Solevo Wellness, nothing is more important to us than your health and wellness. In light of the current pandemic, we have options available to reserve medical marijuana online. For more information, contact us today.