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When to Call Solevo: Common Patient Questions We Hear on the Phone (Answered Here!)


We recognize there are a lot of patients who want to call Solevo Wellness. In fact, we get up to 100 calls per day and roughly 3,000 calls per month to all our locations. It can be hard to keep up with the call volume, but we’re doing our best to manage a patient support system with the help of our Patient Support team. Our Patient Support Coordinator often hears the same common questions from patients who call Solevo regarding inventory and product specifics, hours, PA medical marijuana program questions, and more.

We’ve gathered the top 7 common questions we hear from patients who call Solevo today, and we have easy, accessible answers for you. In order to save you a couple minutes of your time, check out our common questions and answers before you call Solevo.

1.) How do I get my medical marijuana card?

You must have a valid PA medical marijuana ID card before you can visit a PA medical marijuana dispensary. You can check out our detailed steps to get medical marijuana on our website (including caregivers) or check out our steps below for a quick patient guide:

Step 1: You must register online for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program at

Step 2: You will then complete an in-person examination and review of health records with a physician registered with the PA Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program.

Step 3: After obtaining your certification from your physician, you must complete the online registration process by paying for your medical marijuana ID card.

Step 4: Once you get your medical marijuana ID card in the mail, you can obtain medical marijuana at a PA Department of Health regulated dispensary on or after the issued date on your PA medical marijuana ID card.

2.) What are your hours?

We have 3 Solevo Wellness locations. Please check out our PA medical marijuana dispensary details for hours and address information and specific location details that patients often want to know when they call Solevo.

3.) Do you know when your next shipment is?

PA dispensaries and growers are working to improve the regular flow of medicine, but unfortunately the growing program has had its fair share of challenges over time. We put together a helpful overview of the medical marijuana purchasing process so we can be as transparent as possible with our patients about what takes place today. We are working to bring additional grower / suppliers on board as fast as possible and in the short term are always looking for deliveries we can bring in from our current growers. When shipments are scheduled, they always need to go to testing as a final phase so all strains can be approved and labeled. Sometimes a certain strain may not pass, which can change our delivery date and amount of medicine we are receiving.

In short, we don’t always know when we are getting our next shipment, in fact we may not even know up until 15 minutes before delivery in some cases. However, we are always working to get as much as we can for our patients. Once we have confirmed inventory, we will update the Solevo Wellness menu on our site or you can call Solevo before making a trip out to us if needed.

Beginning in the summer of 2019, dry leaf medical marijuana has been especially challenging because new dispensaries opened across the state without new growers yet shipping their inventory. You can read more about the dry leaf shortage that we are currently still working through. However, we are anticipating this situation resolving itself once those new growers start shipping to all dispensaries across the state.

4.) Do you have dry leaf right now?

As noted above, the dry leaf shortage has been quite a challenge for all dispensaries across the state. We are working to get as much dry leaf as possible for our patients. You can check our menus for the current state of dry leaf. However, if you would like to know more details before making a trip out to our dispensaries, please feel free to call Solevo, and we will do our best to provide as much information as we can for you.

5.) How do I know this product will work for me?

As you may know, medical marijuana can often be trial and error, especially if you’re new to this type of treatment plan. We recognize this can cause some frustration for patients, and our pharmacists and Patient Care Consultants (PCC) are always available to discuss your treatment options and answer any questions you may have. If you’re wondering about a specific product or strain, or your medicine doesn’t seem to be working for you the way you expected, we strongly advise that you come into one of our dispensaries at your earliest convenience to speak with one of our pharmacists or Patient Care Consultants (PCC). They will be most qualified to counsel on your treatment plan.

6.) Is there any way for you to reserve product for me?

Last November, we rolled out a new menu format that is the first step toward electronic ordering. We’re working through technical matters and testing now and are eagerly anticipating “In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering” to be available soon. We’ll be launching our “Online Reserve” system later in 2020 after Kiosk Ordering is up and running. See below for definitions!

In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering: Electronic ordering available from Solevo waiting room on our iPad kiosks.

Online Reserve: Electronic product reservation available from anywhere.

Stay tuned for more information through email and social media as we continue to make progress. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions or feedback.

7.) I see a certain product on the menu that I’d like to get, will it be there when I get there?

Great question! We do our best to update our menu as often as possible, especially when certain products sell out. However, we recognize the frustration from patients who drive out to our dispensary and we’re sold out of what they came for. If you call Solevo, we can give you as much updated information as possible about our product and menu specifics. However, we always recommend that you come in to speak with a pharmacist or PCC to discuss alternative treatment options that will work best for you if we do not currently have what you’re looking for.

We’re also always happy to take product feedback that we can pass off to our inventory team for the future. The more feedback we hear from patients, the better we can be at serving your needs and properly caring for our patients.

If your question wasn’t answered here and you’d like to call Solevo Wellness, you can reach us at 412-422-0420. You can also feel free to check out our FAQ page or follow us on Facebook and direct message our team anytime. We’d love to hear from you!