PA Medical Marijuana Certifications and Recertifications

Getting your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana patient certification and recertification has never been quicker, easier and safer.

Solevo Wellness has partnered with local physicians to host telehealth appointments.

The benefits of telehealth services include:

  • Not location specific
  • Physician flexibility
  • In-home comfort, no traveling

Solevo Wellness is here to provide guidance and support for our patients throughout the entire processes. The complete certification and recertification process is outlined for your convenience below.

Step One

Pre-Certification / Recertification Process

Watch the short video below that applies to you, then click the Department of Health link below the videos.

New Patient Certification

PA MMJ Recertifications

PA Department of Health Link

(NOTE: You must complete this step prior to moving to Step 2.)

PA Department of Health Registration

Step Two

Certification or Recertification Information

If you are interested in a MMJ certification or recertification, please fill out the required information below and one of our team members will reach out to you to help schedule an appointment with a Certifying Physician.

Step 3

Dispensary Intake Process (New Patients Only)

At your initial visit to Solevo Wellness, your intake paperwork will be reviewed by one of our pharmacists during an initial consultation. This is to be sure that you are comfortable with medical marijuana, help explain the general dispensary process in Pennsylvania, and to review any information and recommendations.

All new patients at Solevo need to fill out our intake paperwork. If you prefer, this can be done before your visit to save you time inside the dispensary. Our paperwork is below and can easily be filled out on your computer, then printed and brought to your first visit. If this is not filled out in advance, we will gladly provide you the paperwork upon your arrival to Solevo to complete.

Please note: Completing this paperwork is best done on a computer. Using a tablet or cell phone may be difficult due to sizing.

Please click the appropriate link below to download our fillable Solevo documents!

Adult Patient Intake Paperwork
Pediatric Patient Intake Paperwork

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