The Dart Pod System

The CCell Dart is Coming Soon to Solevo Wellness

Oh yes! You read that right. CCell’s first Pod System, Dart, is coming soon to Solevo Wellness! Solevo Fam, are you ready to get your hands on the newest pod vaporizer on the block?!

Want to know what’s so special about CCell’s Dart? Let us tell you…

What is Dart?

Dart is comparable to the battery portion of a vape “pen”, but it is more lightweight and compact looking. Like other vaporizers, Dart has two components: a battery, and the pod. Pods are just like cartridges currently being used with the battery or pen, but better. One large reason they are better than what medical marijuana patients are used to is because of how they preserve the taste of the strain with which you are medicating.

The Design

CCell’s Dart boasts a sleek and appealing design with a matte grip that easily fits in the palm of any patient’s hand. It comes ready to go with a rechargeable with micro-USB port and charger included. The Dart is an inhale activated vape pen, with a “stealthy” LED indicator light for discrete medicating. Potentially the coolest feature of Dart is that pods attach to the battery with a magnetic connection.

The Dart Vaporizor

Pennsylvania Growers Making The Dart Pods

Terrapin is going to be the first and only grower in Pennsylvania (PA) making pods that fit Dart’s unique design at this time. They have been with Solevo since the end of April, just after they officially opened their first PA growing and processing facility, located in South Avis, though their roots lie in Boulder, Colorado. For the global launch of the device, they have made four different strains available in Dart compatible pods.


Available Strains

The four strains available for Dart’s launch are Dark Blue Cheese, Sour Tangie, Space Princess and, last but not least, Happy Orange Gorilla. All are strains that we have had here at Solevo Wellness before, with the exception of Space Princess, which is a new strain. For more information and cannabinoid content, check our menu when Dart hits the shelves.

The Dart Medical Marijuana

We are hoping to see Dart on our menu tomorrow (10/11/18), however, we will update you soon! To sign up for email updates, click here! If you are interested in learning more about CCell’s Dart check out their website.

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