Announcing a New Electronic Loyalty Program

We’re getting ready for a new electronic savings program that we hope will be simple, help our patients save some money, and keep us compliant with all necessary rules and regulations. Read on for more info on the dispensary loyalty program we’re preparing to start October 1st at the Squirrel Hill and Cranberry area dispensaries!

[UPDATE 9/25/19: This new electronic loyalty program will be in effect at the Squirrel Hill dispensary and the Cranberry area dispensary effective 10/1/19. Read here for more information as it relates to the Greensburg dispensary.]

We all have loyalty program cards in our wallets and purses from the stores and pharmacies we frequent the most. Whether it’s a “CVS ExtraCare” card, a Walgreens “Balance Rewards” card, or the Giant Eagle “Advantage” card, the familiar feeling of fumbling for a physical card to scan, or giving a phone number or email address so a cashier can look up our account is a pretty familiar part of life. Our goal with this dispensary loyalty program is to offer the same opportunity to earn savings without any of the hassle. Points can be earned automatically, and can be redeemed for savings or free accessories (like vaporizers) when enough have accumulated.

Why is this going on?

We had previously instituted a program where patients were eligible to earn savings based on their purchases at Solevo. We’ve heard positive feedback and want to continue with it! However, new rules in the state of PA now prohibit physical cards for these types of programs. By making the program digital instead of relying on a physical card, our dispensaries can remain in compliance and we think we can make this even better.

How does this compare to the prior punch card program?

With the punch card program, patients were eligible for 10% savings on a single purchase after 5 visits to the dispensary. The new program will be based on a point system where every dollar spent at a Solevo dispensary automatically earns 1 point. Points can be redeemed for offers including promotional savings or free batteries.

When will the new program start?

The new program will start on 10/1/19. All of the existing physical punch cards can be redeemed until 9/30/19.

What will happen to the prior physical cards?

Beginning on 10/1/19, when the new program starts, we will not be accepting any of the physical cards. We wanted to announce this now to give patients a chance to redeem any previously earned rewards. All physical punch cards will still be accepted until 9/30/19.

What offers are valid now and when will they change?

The three following offers below will be valid when the new program starts. The “200 points for $20 coupon” offer and the “100 points for Free 3 Heat or Buttonless battery” offer will always be valid. To keep things interesting, we’ll also rotate in other redemption options on more a seasonal basis.

Always valid: Earn 200 points and redeem for a $20 Off Coupon

Always valid: Earn 100 points and redeem for a Free 3 Heat or Buttonless battery

Seasonal Fall 2019: Earn 150 points and redeem for a Dart or PAX Battery

How can I keep track of my points and see my balance?

The system we’re using is built into the state-approved system that maintains a record of valid medical marijuana ID cards. Therefore, each purchase is automatically credited to your account. When you visit a Solevo dispensary, you can ask your PCC what your point balance is.

If you have a valid email address on file, we’re also working on a way to notify patients of earned point balances via our email newsletter.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please talk with a Patient Care Consultant at one of our dispensaries. And you can always check out our medical marijuana FAQ page.