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Dry Leaf Medical Marijuana Release in PA – Get the Details!


Dry leaf medical marijuana is almost here! This new form of will be available to patients beginning August 1st and will roll out to all dispensaries across the state throughout the month. With the new program launch, there are some noteworthy details to be aware of.

For the first two weeks of August, every patient in the program will be limited in their purchase of this form. Each patient will only be able to purchase 15 grams per week during that period.  In addition, the dry leaf form will only be available in 1 gram and 3.5 gram sizes during the first few weeks. By August 20th we expect that the 7 gram size will also be available. All dry leaf medical marijuana will be sold in opaque containers.

When the dry leaf recommendation was accepted by Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine back in April, she announced that dispensaries would only be allowed to sell it in a form that can be vaporized and not smoked. We’ve been told that this state regulation holds true and will be taken seriously by area law enforcement. If a patient registered with the state’s medical marijuana program is caught smoking the dry leaf medical marijuana by law enforcement, that patient’s participation in the state medical marijuana program will be jeopardized. No smoking of the dry leaf form will be allowable according to Pennsylvania state law. Solevo Wellness will have handheld flower vaporizers available at our dispensary for proper vaporization of the dry leaf.

The addition of the dry leaf medical marijuana will present a milder, more controllable form that our pharmacists can discuss with patients. Due to the lower cannabinoid concentrations in dry leaf, some patients may choose to supplement their treatment plans with other forms. Some other patients may determine that dry leaf is not appropriate for their treatment. In any case, we know the other forms of medical marijuana will continue to be important for patients. We’ve been pleased to hear that those other forms of medical marijuana will still be produced in the same quantity as they are now, without any kind of reduction. In this way the introduction of dry leaf medical marijuana is not a replacement for anything, but is instead an enhancement to the existing program.

Solevo Wellness will have dry leaf in stock and available on Wednesday, 8/1. If you’re interested in sharing your anonymous perspective on dry leaf, please fill out our short, 5 question survey. We’re interested in what patients are thinking and what questions are out there. This will help us to continue to serve our patients to the best of our ability.

We’re glad this enhancement allows us to offer another option for our patients. If you missed our earlier blog post with initial details on the sale of dry leaf medical marijuana, you can check that out here.

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