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The Fast Track Line is Going Digital – Sign-ups Start Today


[The contents of this post are no longer current. Effective 3/25/20, Solevo Wellness is launching an Online Reserve system that allows patients to reserve medical products in advance of their visit]

The Fast Track line is going digital.

The Fast Track line has been a work in progress at Solevo since it launched in May. We implemented the new system to address concerns from some of our regular patients who wanted a faster option to get their medical products from the dispensary. The current process is paper-based. It works, but it was never designed to be the long term solution. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to prepare a new digital system to make the process simpler and faster, and we’re now taking sign ups!

Under the new system, Fast Track patients will be able to enter their own orders through digital kiosks in the waiting room. These orders will be transmitted electronically to the dispensing area to be filled. Patients will be notified via text message when orders are ready for pick up and payment. The actual transaction will still take place within the dispensing room.

The system is based on a mobile phone number, which is used both for order notifications and also as the unique log-in ID for all patients who want to access the new system. We’re still getting the final details ready, but we’re taking sign-ups now. In addition to mobile phone number, a name and email address are also required for those who choose to sign up. After clicking the link you will see the screen below (show on Desktop and Mobile).

Desktop View

Hit the “Sign Up” button next to the green arrow to get started. You can also check out the linked PDF at the bottom of this blog with detailed instructions for Desktop.

Mobile View

Hit the 3-line menu icon next to the green arrow to access the Sign Up menu.


Hit the “Sign Up” button to get underway.


If you’re interested in the detailed Desktop walk-through, please check these sign-up instructions in the linked PDF.

In time, this same tool will provide timely text-based updates when the menu has been expanded and other important events happen at the dispensary. We hear from patients all the time who get a little tired with refreshing their screens as they wait for a menu update, so we’re excited about the potential for these text notifications. More information to come on that in the future.

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