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Low Inventory at Solevo and Dispensaries Across the State (2018)



As many of you know, we’ve been dealing with low inventory which has made life frustrating for some of our patients. The purpose of this post is to communicate what’s going on, the reasons behind it, and how we expect it to be fixed.

As of today, Feb 24, 2018, all dispensaries in the PA medical marijuana program are supplied by one state-licensed grower. Cresco Yeltrah grows in PA and supplies Solevo, their own grower-affiliated dispensary in Butler (CY+), and all other dispensaries currently open in the state. Additional growers will follow behind Cresco, but they are the first out of the gate and we’re happy to have them as a partner.

The challenge with one supplier and multiple dispensaries is that there are a lot of demands on a relatively small amount of medicine. That means we have not been able to order in the amount of medical marijuana products that are required to be consistently in stock for our patients. We know that the challenge we are facing at Solevo is shared by other dispensaries across the state.

Things will continue to get smoother in time for both dispensaries and growers, but for now the number one challenge remains inventory.

To make our supply stretch as far as possible, we are only going to see patients with previously scheduled appointments beginning Saturday, February 24th. We’d normally love to see walk-in patients as well, but we’re holding off on that until we have healthier inventory levels. Even with our move to scheduled appointments only, we’re now expecting to run out of stock by the middle or end of next week. At that point we’ll be temporarily closed to patients until inventory levels have normalized. We will be reaching out to all patients who have affected appointments, so we can reschedule. We don’t yet know when we will re-open our doors as it will be dependent on delivery timelines, but we expect it will be in the early to middle part of March. We’ll provide an update once we have something confirmed.

The good news is that we will be accepting our first shipments from a second supplier beginning in March. Once two growers are up and running, there will be a larger pool of medicine to go around and we expect deliveries to be larger and more predictable. As even more growers continue to move to operational status, we expect these inventory challenges will become a thing of the past.

We understand this is disappointing and frustrating news (for us too!), and we continue to be grateful for the patience we’ve seen from almost everyone. Message us on Facebook or email us at [email protected] if you have questions. Thank you for bearing with us.