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when will flower be available in pa

When Will Flower be Available in PA? (Details Inside)

The state of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program approved dry leaf form back in mid-April, and since then everyone has been wondering the same thing – when will flower be available in PA?

We know the sale of flower in the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries is a big deal for patients (for us too!), and we’ve heard a ton of feedback and questions regarding flower availability since it was first approved. Some of the questions include: When will patients be able to purchase flower? How will we be able to use it? What will the inventory of flower look like?

The initial word from the Department of Health was that patients in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program should be able to obtain medical marijuana in dry leaf form for vaporization by sometime this summer. When the flower recommendation was accepted by Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, she announced that dispensaries would be able to sell flower, as long as it could be vaporized and not smoked. She also said she believed the option of dry leaf or flower form could make medical marijuana cheaper to produce and less expensive for patients.

We’ve been regularly in touch with the state and with our growers, and we can now say that flower should be available by the end of August. We don’t have a precise date yet, but we’re excited to know the month! The addition of the dry leaf form of medical marijuana will present a milder, more controllable form that our pharmacists can discuss with patients. Due to the low cannabinoids in flower (relative to the more concentrated forms available today), some patients may choose to supplement low doses with other forms. As Dr. Rachel Levine announced, we’ll only legally be able to sell the flower in a form that can be vaporized. With that being the case, we will have handheld flower vaporizers available at our dispensary.

Based on current conversations with the Department of Health, the most likely scenario is that flower will be presented in a completely opaque container. Those details are still subject to change, so we may have new information to share by the time flower officially becomes available at our dispensary. We do know that flower will be packaged in sizes of 1 gram, 3.5 grams, and 7 grams. All growers are legally obligated to produce flower for no more than 40% of their entire harvest. This will allow the dry leaf form to likely be the most widely available of all the forms, but will ensure there is still inventory so that the other forms don’t disappear. In time, the total amount of medical marijuana available should also increase, since flower is faster to grow and process than the other forms.

We’re looking forward to giving patients another option they can consider as part of their treatment plans.

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