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green crack vs durban poison marijuana strains

Green Crack vs Durban Poison: What’s the Difference Between These Energy-Boosting Strains?

There is a large variety of medical marijuana strains and we’re here to highlight the differences in two popular energy-boosting strains, Green Crack vs Durban Poison. Many find that they are similar strains, and although this is true, they do have some distinct differences you’ll want to know. Using these strains to start your day will not only help decrease pain and anxiety, but also improve your mood and increase your creativity.

Green Crack

Green Crack is often compared to a mango energy drink, both known for their energizing citrus taste. Green Crack is so successful at giving you that energizing boost that it’s recommended to only consume Green Crack early in the day. Late afternoon consumption can lead you to staying up way past your bedtime. Green Crack is most known for helping to decrease fatigue, depression, and stress. Due to the negative connotations of the word ‘crack’, some people call this strain Green Cush.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison may sound like something you don’t want to consume, but don’t let the name fool you. Durban Poison is used to decrease nausea and pain, which increases your focus and productivity. Durban Poison is pure sativa that gives an uplifting boost to your morning routine. You can often find Durban Poison available from growers such as Cresco Yeltrah and other PA medical marijuana growers. Durban Poison is popular as a concentrate due to its over-sized resin glands.

Green Crack vs Durban Poison: The Similarities

There other similarities in Green Crack vs Durban Poison besides both being energy-boosting strains. Both strains have an earthy and sweet flavor and are THC dominant strains. There are many effects that Green Crack and Durban Poison have in common. These include a boost in energy, happiness, and creativity. Using either of these strains will leave you feeling uplifted. The cannabinoids in these strains are very similar at 17% for Green Crack and 17.5% for Durban Poison.

There are also medical benefits from using Green Crack and Durban Poison. Similar effects from these strains include a reduction in stress, depression, and fatigue. A decrease in pain has also been noticed by patients using these strains.

While the use of Green Crack vs Durban Poison has many benefits overall, there are some cons to using these strains. There is a chance that they can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. There is also a low chance of these strains causing anxiety and paranoia.

Green Crack vs Durban Poison: The Differences

More important than the similarities in Green Crack vs Durban Poison are the differences. While Green Crack has a citrusy flavor, Durban Poison is known for its pine flavor. The terpenes in these strains also differ. Green Crack is mostly made up of the herbal terpene Myrcene, followed by the peppery terpene Caryophyllene and the citrusy terpene Limonene. Durban Poison is mostly made up of Terpinolene, a fruit terpene, followed by Myrcene and Ocimene, a minty terpene.

There is one major difference in effects as well. Green Crack can increase a feeling of being focused, while Durban Poison increases feelings of euphoria. There are also differences in how Green Crack vs Durban Poison affect your medical conditions. Green Crack has been shown to increase appetite while Durban Poison has been shown to decrease headaches. A con of Green Crack is a slight increase in the possibility of headaches. There is also a slight chance of Durban Poison causing dizziness.

As with many medical marijuana products, trying Green Crack vs Durban Poison will help you identify which strain is best for your approved condition and body composition. You should speak to a pharmacist or Patient Care Consultant (PCC) at one of our locations to advise on these strains or similar strains to aid in your medical marijuana treatment plan.

If you have been diagnosed with one of the approved conditions and would like to learn more about these strains and others, visit us at any of our PA medical marijuana dispensaries or check out our PA medical marijuana menus. If you have additional questions for Solevo Wellness, please check out our FAQ page or follow us on Facebook and direct message our team anytime. We’d love to hear from you!