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A Change for the Greensburg Dispensary


The Greensburg dispensary will be taking a different path than the Squirrel Hill and Cranberry area dispensaries. Get the details and what it means for our patients.

At Solevo Wellness, we’ve been fortunate to serve patients at 3 dispensaries in Western PA. The Squirrel Hill location and the Cranberry area dispensaries are operated under permits from the Department of Health that have been assigned directly to the Solevo leadership team. We’ll be opening another location in Washington, PA sometime over the next 3 months as well. The Greensburg dispensary and the upcoming Lawrenceville dispensary, on the other hand, have an operating permit assigned to a group called Keystone Integrated Care. After a collaborative working relationship, the two groups will now be operated independently.

More About the Dispensary Groups

Solevo was the first dispensary in Allegheny County to demonstrate operational compliance and secure approval from the state to dispense medical marijuana. Over the past year, our team has been working with the Keystone Integrated Care team at the Greensburg location and also to prepare for a new dispensary that will be in Lawrenceville. Now, the Keystone Integrated Care team will be operating these locations separately from Solevo.

Keystone Integrated Care is a medical marijuana group. They have a permit to operate 3 dispensaries in Western PA. The existing Greensburg dispensary was the first of these locations and the upcoming Lawrenceville dispensary will be the second.

What Changes are Coming?

The single biggest change is related to the dispensary loyalty program we announced earlier this month. This electronic loyalty program works by automatically tracking patient sales in the state-approved “seed to sale” tracking system, where all product information is kept along with records of approved medical marijuana patients. Each dollar spent in Solevo dispensaries earns a point that can be redeemed for coupons and other opportunities to save.

The tracking system can only maintain patient records within a single permitted dispensary group. This means that patient loyalty points will only accrue and “pass” between the Squirrel Hill dispensary and the Cranberry dispensary.

The Greensburg and Lawrenceville dispensaries may elect to have their own loyalty program, and that will be determined and communicated by the managing team from Keystone Integrated Care.

When Does This Change Happen?

In terms of the loyalty program, the Squirrel Hill location and the Cranberry location will not be accepting any of the prior physical punch cards after 9/30/19. The new electronic loyalty program will still go into effect at those locations beginning on 10/1/19.

What About Greensburg Cards?

The existing loyalty cards at Greensburg will no longer be accepted after 9/30/2019. Any implementation of a new loyalty program will be communicated by the Keystone Integrated Care management team.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Because the groups will now be operated independently, patients who visit a Solevo Wellness location (Squirrel Hill, Cranberry area, or upcoming in Washington) and a Keystone Integrated Care location (Greensburg, or upcoming in Lawrenceville) might notice slight differences in policies and procedures between the two groups.

While some details are still being finalized, we are committed to providing the same high level of medically focused care at all dispensary locations owned and operated by Solevo Wellness. Pharmacist consultations will continue to be available and free for all new (and existing) patients at Squirrel Hill and Cranberry, and there be no changes to the Solevo Pediatric Program.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please talk with a Patient Care Consultant at one of our dispensaries. And you can always check out our medical marijuana FAQ page with other questions.