Where is the Greensburg Menu?

The Greensburg dispensary is owned and operated by a group called Keystone Integrated Care. The Squirrel Hill dispensary and Cranberry dispensary are owned and operated by Solevo Wellness, and menus will continue to be updated here. After a working relationship designed to get the Greensburg dispensary up and running, the two groups will now operate independently. Therefore going forward, Keystone Integrated Care will maintain the menu for Greensburg at a separate web site.

Additionally, because the groups will now be separate, patients who visit a Solevo Wellness location (Squirrel Hill, Cranberry area, or upcoming in Washington) and a Keystone Integrated Care location (Greensburg, or upcoming in Lawrenceville) might notice slight differences in policies and procedures between the two groups.

At Solevo Wellness, we are committed to providing the same high level of medically focused care at all dispensary locations that we own and operate. Pharmacist consultations will continue to be available and free for all new and existing patients at Squirrel Hill and Cranberry, and there will be no changes to the Solevo Pediatric Program or the electronic loyalty program offering discounts on medical products.

Keystone Integrated Care will maintain the menu for Greensburg at keystone-integratedcare.

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