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calypso enterprises dry leaf

About Calypso

Calypso Enterprises has been with Solevo Wellness since the end of December 2019, just in time for the new year and decade. Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Calypso received their grower/processor license in July 2018 and were approved by the Department of Health in June 2019.

We asked the Calypso team what inspired them to get into the business. Here’s what they had to say:

“We were initially inspired by a very personal experience from our founder Samuel P. “Pat” Black, III. He is deeply invested in elevating the local community, so when a family member had to leave Pennsylvania to get the care they needed, he knew something needed to change. He began advocating for medical marijuana in PA and eventually founded Calypso to grow and produce the best quality product, made by and for the people of PA – which is what continues to inspire us today.”

Calypso’s Specialty

In addition to growing the popular strains that people know and love, Calypso takes pride in encouraging their growers to create their own strains such as Downing Dawg and Calypso Kush – created just for Calypso.

“We have a very talented and passionate team, so we try to give them a lot of room to create the best products they can, and we think it shows.”

To make it as easy as possible for patients, each strain is categorized as either Chill, Cruise, or Charge. This removes a lot of guesswork and helps to guide patients toward the strains that best fit their needs.

Calypso’s Commitment to Quality

At Solevo Wellness, we’re accountable to our patients for providing informed and compassionate care and access to the highest quality of medical marijuana products. As such, we choose to work with growers who share a similar passion for quality.

Calypso works diligently to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction with their medical products, especially when it comes to dry leaf. Calypso’s growers focus their efforts so that each patient can experience top-quality medicines each time you try their products. By sealing their flowers in nitrogen-packed containers, they can prevent oxidation and preserve terpenes, so customers experience Calypso flower at their peak.  See below for what the Calypso team said when we asked them how they ensure the highest possible degree of patient satisfaction.

“We are passionate about freshness and quality. Our growers put a ton of effort into our breeding, growing, and processing and we want patients to be able to experience the difference that makes when they try our products.”

Anything Else?

As an Erie-based company, Calypso knew from the beginning that they wanted to keep their community a top priority.  As soon as they had the opportunity, Calypso established their Calypso Cares program. Through the program, they contribute to charitable causes, volunteer locally, and put additional funding towards research and environmental best practices.

“While we are incredibly proud of the quality of our products, we are equally proud of the work we continue to do through our Calypso Cares program.” 

Useful Links

For more information about Calypso Cares, please visit

Patients with comments or concerns about any Calypso products can connect with the Calypso team by emailing [email protected]