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Grower News

About Cresco

Cresco was with Solevo from when we first opened our doors on February 15th, 2018. At that point, they were the only grower approved by the state and they provided all of our medical products.

Within the CY family, Chicago-based Cresco Labs is the parent. In Pennsylvania, operations are under the Cresco Yeltrah umbrella. Interesting name, you say? Three of the PA co-founders are members of the Hartley family, and Yeltrah is Hartley spelled backwards!

We asked the team if there was anything they wanted to share with our patients about their mission. Here’s what they had to say:

“Our tagline is “Leaders in Professional Cannabis”, and we use that as a guiding light for everything we do. We want to bring patients the most professional outcome of what marijuana has to offer, backed by a best-in-class team of people who want to make this industry better.”

Cresco’s Specialty

Rather than focus on a specific strain or form, Cresco strives to make consistency the hallmark of what they do. The team has a wide variety of medical products that can be tailored for the wide-ranging needs of different patients.

At Solevo, you’ll find products from this grower in our selection of concentrates, cartridges, e-liquids, RSO, patches, and more.

We asked the CY team if they had any tips for our patients to keep in mind upon reviewing the menu:

“If you don’t know where to start, consider our color coding on our Cresco line. Labeled Rise, Rest, and Refresh, these Sativa, Indica and Hybrid lines are organized to help you find the type of relief you’re looking for, even if you’re not familiar with strains.”

Cresco’s Commitment to Quality

At Solevo Wellness, we’re accountable to our patients for providing informed and compassionate care and access to the highest quality medical marijuana products. As such, we choose to work with growers who share a similar passion for quality. See below for what the CY team said when we asked them how they ensure the highest possible degree of patient satisfaction.

“We have very high standards for our product. If any of our plants start to stray from the quality we expect, we pivot our sku set [focus on different products until we get quality standards back in line].  It’s not good enough for our product to pass a lab test – it must meet the quality expectations of the patients, in every sense of the experience.

 [One other thing] We are obsessive about incorporating consumer feedback [in our production process]. It drives everything we do.”

Anything Else?

To contact Cresco Labs, please visit