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Grower News

Who is GTI?

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) has been with Solevo since the first week of June, and they’ve helped us keep larger and steadier inventory levels for our patients. GTI is a national cannabis cultivator, processor, and dispensary operator. Their Pennsylvania operations are based in Danville; however, the company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. GTI was established in 2014 and has seven manufacturing facilities and licenses for 50 retail locations across seven highly regulated U.S. markets. They’re dedicated to providing dignified access to safe and effective cannabis nationwide while giving back to the communities in which they serve. The company also owns and operates a rapidly growing national chain of retail cannabis stores called RISE™ dispensaries.



GTI believes everyone deserves the dignity of health and well-being. They’re on a mission to provide safe, effective, and therapeutic medical cannabis nationwide by operating world class cultivation facilities and customer-first retail experiences. We heard from their leaders on what most inspires them about working in the cannabis space. Here’s what they had to say:

“I knew we were up to something really special when I spent three weeks behind the counter at our first dispensary in Illinois. We had four hundred people in line the first day and the main sentiment was ‘thank you.’ People were proud to be there. What was so striking to me was over and over, each person’s symptoms or ailments were made better, their lives were improved. It became clear to me early on that it was on GTI to continue to push this, to be a quality operator in the spotlight and an advocate for safe, regulated access to cannabis.” – Ben Kovler, Founder + Chairman

“We know that cannabis has been used as a medicine for over twelve thousand years. I think the stigma that came about through the war on drugs did away with many people thinking there was real therapeutic value in cannabis, which was a shame. Now we’re coming back to the point where researchers around the world say that cannabis really does have significant therapeutic value. We are helping people. All you have to do is spend one day in one of our dispensaries to see how much we’re changing people’s lives. We as an industry, we as GTI, and me as an individual feel like we’re doing the right thing. We’re proud of it, we’re not embarrassed by it, and I think the momentum is shifting in our direction.” – Pete Kadens, CEO

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What is RYTHM?


RYTHM is a family of products by GTI that simplify the cluttered and confusing cannabis landscape for new and experienced consumers with an intuitive effect scale: ENERGIZE (sativa), BALANCE (hybrid), RELAX (indica), and HEAL (CBD).

GTI has answered some common questions patients may have about these products. See below!

Why vape?

Vaporizing is an optimal method for those who prefer discretion and vape pens are particularly effective for microdosing.

Do your products contain PG or VG?

RYTHM vape products are 100% solvent-free. They never contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The result is a pure cannabis oil that provides a safe, effective, smokeless experience.

How does your technology benefit patients?

RYTHM vape pens are designed with innovative CCell Ceramic Technology to ensure reliability and uniform heating.

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GTI’s Commitment to Community

GTI believes in community first. They’ve believed from day one that to thrive in the cannabis industry requires an unparalleled commitment to liberate people and communities in ways that will outlast them. This has led them to support charities and organizations across the country by sponsoring job fairs and making over $600,000 in donations.

Here’s what GTI’s CEO has to say about their commitment to community:

“We want to inspire positive impact wherever we go. We typically operate our grow and production facilities in places that have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs. These are places that have significant unemployment as it relates to the rest of the state. Look at those dynamics and what you find is a community that is very interested in having us there. They genuinely support us because we can help that community in a big way. We can build an ecosystem that supports growth and revitalization—and there are very few industries these days that can go into these communities and revitalize a local economy like cannabis can.” – Pete Kadens, CEO

Get in Touch

Patients with comments or concerns about GTI products can write to [email protected] or fill out this contact form.