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Grower News

Moxie by PurePenn is starting to put plants in their phase 3a expansion, bringing them to approximately 70,000sq feet with additional cultivation rooms to be built out later this year. Patients will begin to notice more consistent deliveries through 2021 as they begin to increase dry leaf production.

Moxie by PurePenn is committed to improving their community in McKeesport through their Community Fund and hiring practices.

About Moxie by PurePenn

Moxie by PurePenn has been with Solevo since mid-April 2018, on 4/20, when they officially launched. The PurePenn growing and processing facility is located in McKeesport, PA. However, Moxie was founded in 2015. Moxie has won more than 70 company awards since its founding and has expanded to markets in California, Michigan, and Nevada and are proud job creators in this growing industry. The Moxie team believes that through their genetics, forward-thinking manufacturing processes, commitment to education, and dedication to professionalism, they can provide top of the line products and care to patients in need as well as create employment opportunities within the medical marijuana community.

We asked the Moxie by PurePenn team what inspired them to get into the business. Here’s what they had to say:

“Our greater mission is to lead the way for medical marijuana research, break down the myths and misinformation that surround medical marijuana, and ensure the highest quality products are accessible to those discovering the true potential of medical marijuana.

We envision a world where our products and purpose have raised the bar for quality and consistency across the entire medical marijuana industry, educated the masses on the benefits of medical marijuana, and revolutionized the medical marijuana industry. With 300+ strains and operations in 4 states and growing, Moxie maintains consistent product quality and reliability. In an industry that is still young and constantly in flux, dependability is our standard. Research & development is the constant pursuit of a better result. Moxie makes it its mission to bring better solutions to patients through innovative technology and quality improvement.”


Moxie by PurePenn will be launching the DNA Genetics brand in Pennsylvania later this year will and continue to be a leader in premium medicine for PA Medical Marijuana Patients.


Moxie’s Specialty

Moxie’s expertise is in their live resin extraction process. This process centers around material preservation and its effect on producing superior quality. Live resin utilizes fresh medical marijuana flowers that are immediately frozen once harvested without drying and curing, enabling them to maintain the unique qualities of the plant’s living form. In fact, all Moxie by Pure Penn products are produced using a precisely developed extraction process, designed to bring out the best overall terpene and cannabinoid profile. All of their resin products are purified to perfection and batch-tested prior to packaging to ensure the safest and highest-quality product available.

We asked Moxie by PurePenn what makes their specialty area unique. See below!

“Moxie Live Resin is Moxie’s flagship product. To be considered “Live Resin,” all raw material is harvested in its whole plant form and frozen immediately. This is done to preserve an exact snap shot of the smell and flavor that is on the plant while it is alive. The curing process can often eliminate or alter up to 60% of the terpenes contained in the flower from which it is extracted. Moxie’s commitment to preserving the original flavor profile and delivering what customers cherish is an essential component of the unique Moxie experience.

Additionally, we are incredibly proud of our lab that pioneered the product category ‘Sand’ by isolating THC-A and developing a consistency that could be used to increase the potency of flower or dab, as it consistently tests near 100% THCA.”

Moxie’s Commitment to Quality

At Solevo Wellness, we’re accountable to our patients for providing informed and compassionate care and access to the highest quality of medical marijuana products. As such, we choose to work with growers who share a similar passion for quality. See below for what the Moxie by Pure Penn team said when we asked them how they ensure the highest possible degree of patient satisfaction.

“All source material is fresh frozen flower that was grown indoors in a carefully-controlled environment. Moxie sources the purest quality solvent available for the extraction processes. All oils are frequently tested to ensure the safest possible consumption of product. Moxie is committed to producing extracts with better flavor, higher potency, better variety, better smell, and a better all-around experience.”

Anything Else?

The Moxie by Pure Penn team takes pride in consistently providing innovative and quality flavor profiles to consumers. All Moxie oils are tested to ensure they are free of all contaminants. Moxie concentrates require vaporization at temperatures between 500 and 750 degrees F in order to activate its properties. The Moxie by Pure Penn team wants Solevo patients to know that they can use a water-pipe (rig), vape pen, or it can be mixed with flowers and vaporized, and apparatuses such as the Puffco Peak or Dr. Dabber Switch are commonly used to vaporize Moxie products.

Patients with comments or concerns about any Moxie products can connect with the Moxie by PurePenn team at [email protected].