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Grower News

About Standard Farms

Standard Farms has been with Solevo since mid-March 2018 and was the second medical marijuana grower to start shipping to our Pittsburgh dispensary locations, helping to steadily increase our supply of medical products. Standard Farms is based in the small town of White Haven in Northeast PA, with a small population of about 1,000 people. The company has been established since mid-2017 just prior to the medical marijuana permit grant in Pennsylvania.

We asked the team what inspired them to get into the medical marijuana business. Here’s what they have to say:

“Our epiphany moment was the 2016 election when 7 states legalized marijuana despite a large shift in federal policy in the other direction – the tide turned and we want to be on the right side of history. Most importantly we were finally able to utilize the almost limitless potential of medical marijuana, not only for patients but sufferers of opioids and even our brothers and sisters in uniform.”

Standard Farms’ Specialty

We asked the SF team about the medical marijuana products they focus on. See below for their response!

“We focus on products that are pure and natural. This starts with our Co2 extraction process as we do not want harmful hydrocarbons anywhere near our plants. It continues into the fact that we only use terpenes in our oil that is derived from cannabis and the strains listed on the product label.” 

Strain-specific Co2 oil is a pure and clean way to experience the full spectrum of benefits from cannabis. A lot of the variances in the ways that different cannabis strains effect people is determined by their terpene profile, so they want to preserve that as much as they can.

At Solevo, you’ll find Standard Farms in our selection of cartridges, tinctures, capsules, and more.

Standard Farms’ Commitment to Quality

At Solevo Wellness’ Pittsburgh-area marijuana dispensaries, we’re accountable to our patients for providing informed and compassionate care and access to the highest quality of medical marijuana products. As such, we choose to work with medical marijuana growers who share a similar passion for quality. See below for what the Standard Farms team said when we asked them how they ensure the highest possible degree of patient satisfaction.

“First and foremost, staying close to our patients and partner dispensaries. We have daily dialogue with them through the phone, email, social media and live interaction.”

Anything Else?

Standard Farms’ motto is “Grown Modern.”  They take an innovative approach to their products and strive toward constant improvement. Standard Farms will be releasing several new products this year with an emphasis on full spectrum cannabinoids and phytochemicals.

Patients with comments or concerns about any Standard Farms products can connect with the Standard Farms team at [email protected].
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