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About Trulieve

Trulieve is an industry leading, vertically integrated cannabis company and multi-state operator in the U.S. operating in 11 states, with leading market positions in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Trulieve is poised for accelerated growth and expansion, building scale in retail and distribution in new and existing markets through its hub strategy.

By providing innovative, high-quality products across its brand portfolio, Trulieve delivers optimal customer experiences and increases access to medical marijuana, helping patients and customers to live without limits.

“Our mission is to provide compassionate care patients can trust when traditional medicine is not enough.

Our specially-trained staff works hand-in-hand with YOUR physician to provide the right products and the correct dosage to ensure you get the compassionate care you need.

Trulieve’s Specialty

The Cultivar Collection is a unique curation of premium genetics grown and overseen by our own Master Growers. Each cut in the Cultivar Collection is meticulously pheno hunted and given the time to be understood and perfected before becoming available. The Cultivar Collection represents an intimate elevation of the medical marijuana we grow.   

“At Trulieve, pursuing that inherent connection with our plants at every possible step gives us results that are truly spectacular and special to us and our process.” 

Trulieve’s Commitment to Quality

Trulieve’s Master Growers spend a tremendous amount of personal hands-on time with every plant at each stage of the cultivar’s life cycle.   

The Cultivar Collection is grown, hand trimmed, and cured meticulously, delivering on more than just smell and flavor. 

Trulieve products are hand-grown and specially cultivated in a state-approved, climate-controlled environment to ensure purity and safety. We leave nothing to chance while letting nature do her work. 

“The spirit of the Cultivar Collection is unrelenting passion for the plant with several unique processes built around unlocking the full potential of every cultivar.”

Anything Else?

Trulieve Pennsylvania is committed to providing medical marijuana relief solutions to Pennsylvanians suffering from serious medical conditions.

For those exploring medical marijuana, our relationships with licensed physicians can assist with the medical marijuana card certification process. We also offer discounts to first time visitors.

For patients in the PA medical marijuana program, we offer the ability to reserve medical products online.

For anything else we can assist with, please contact us today. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates about Trulieve PA dispensaries, medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, and upcoming educational events near you.

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