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About Vireo

Vireo was founded in Minnesota in 2014, where it operates vertically from the grow to dispensing of medical marijuana. The company also operates in this manner for the state of New York. Whereas in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Vireo distributes its products through third party dispensaries like Solevo Wellness. In PA, the Vireo facility operates in Scranton. We’re excited to have Vireo as an addition to our expanding number of grower processors providing products to our dispensary.

We asked the Vireo team what inspired them to get into the business. Here’s what they had to say:

The company’s founder, Kyle Kingsley, MD, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, serial entrepreneur, and inventor. He was inspired to launch Vireo after encountering numerous patients who successfully used cannabis to effectively alleviate their pain and suffering. Initially a medical cannabis skeptic, Dr. Kingsley’s position on the issue evolved over time, as he delved into the science that was absent from his medical school training and became intrigued by the small but building body of clinical evidence around the medical use of cannabis as well as the increasing number of real-world patient stories he observed first-hand.

Like Solevo, we are patient and medicine first. We are a physician led company with four physicians in staff. Dr. Stephen Dahmer, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gary Starr, Chief Quality Officer, Dr. Jay Westwater, Medical Director, and our founder Dr. Kyle Kingsley, who co-authored the book “Medical Cannabis Primer” for Healthcare providers, which is now used to educate physicians in the USA.

Vireo’s Specialty

All Vireo products are derived from CO2 extracted and distilled cannabis oil. Their vapor cartridges are precisely formulated with classic and familiar strain specific terpenes to maximize the entourage effect and ease of use. In addition, their products are formulated to have pharmaceutical-grade quality and consistency. Vireo’s products are known for their unparalleled purity and precision.

Vireo Health cultivates cannabis in their environmentally friendly grow houses and manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts in their state-of-the-art labs. Apart from Pennsylvania, these products are then sold through Vireo-owned dispensaries to qualifying patients in Minnesota and New York. Similar to Solevo’s dispensaries, Vireo’s locations feature teams of patient care experts and licensed pharmacists who consult with patients to make sure they get well. The Vireo team is comprised of physicians, scientists, and horticulturists that have been successful in a variety of settings and bring a broad spectrum of experience in best practices and evidence-based medicine.

At Solevo, you’ll find Vireo in a variety of categories within our wide selection of medical marijuana products.

We asked Vireo what makes their specialty area unique. See below!

Many manufacturers produce batch products that can have widely varying levels of potency and terpenes. Vireo actually formulates their vaporizer cartridge oil so the potency and terpene infusion is consistent, giving patients a reliable experience.

Vireo’s Commitment to Quality

At Solevo Wellness, we’re accountable to our patients for providing informed and compassionate care and access to the highest quality of medical marijuana products. As such, we choose to work with growers who share a similar passion for quality. See below for what the Vireo team said when we asked them how they ensure the highest possible degree of patient satisfaction.

As one of the only physician-led medical cannabis companies in the United States, Vireo Health uniquely values collaboration with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Given the fact that the vast majority of healthcare professionals have no experience with cannabis in a medical setting we have chosen to dedicate a significant amount of resources to education. Our medical team regularly meets with healthcare professionals to increase their awareness about the benefits of medical-cannabis and to offer themselves as expert resources that can be relied upon for future consultation.  These benefits attribute to patient education and satisfaction.

Anything Else?

Vireo is offering the Starter Pack to new medical marijuana patients. The Starter Pack is a unique unit, designed to help patients that are new to cannabis or to Vireo products to find their sweet spot. The pack offers 3 of Vireo’s most popular formulations and contains all the necessary tools to set patients up for success: 3 different formulations, a battery, charger and dosing guide. Be on the lookout for Vireo’s Starter Pack at Solevo Wellness!

Patients with comments or concerns about any Vireo Health products can connect with the Vireo team over email at [email protected].