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New High CBD Tincture at Solevo

Medically Reviewed by: Christine A. Doerbecker, BS, RPh
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A new high CBD tincture is now available at Solevo Wellness. We developed this new medical marijuana product in partnership with Terrapin with input from our patients.

The CBD tincture is now available at all Solevo dispensaries, and can be helpful in treating a variety of conditions ranging from anxiety disorders to inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s to intractable pain and more. Read on to get the details!

What Is Happening With This High CBD Tincture?

Well, it’s simple really: we’ve been working with our friends at Terrapin to develop a new tincture with high CBD content. When medical marijuana first came to PA back in 2018, there were not a lot of great options for CBD dominant medical products. We’ve heard those concerns loud and clear, and we’re grateful to all our patients who have shared their feedback. By the way, if you didn’t participate in our survey on high CBD products, you can sign up for our email newsletter so you have the chance to lend your perspective in the future.

Since that time, the PA medical marijuana growers have been working to correct that imbalance. This new high CBD tincture is one more important step on that journey to providing a full range of medical products.

Here are the highlights:

  • The new tincture has a CBD to THC ratio targeted at 50:1, giving it the highest CBD content of any medical product available in the PA Medical Marijuana Program.
  • The tincture is extracted from plants grown by Terrapin and the cannabinoids are isolated by a process known as flash chromatography. The cannabinoids are combined with organic fractionated coconut oil, a virgin coconut oil that has been distilled so that it is odorless and ultralight.
  • The new tincture is only be available at Solevo Wellness locations, including Squirrel Hill, Washington, and the Cranberry area. Quantities may be limited at first, and we’ll be working to get inventory levels to a place where they can consistently meet demand.
  • The tincture comes in a 30 mL bottle with a 1 mL dropper.
  • The high CBD tincture is available for $60.

What Does High CBD Mean and What Conditions Is It Used For?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound found in marijuana. Along with the intoxicating compound called THC it is one of the two main cannabinoids secreted by marijuana flowers. You can read more about marijuana and cannabinoids for the full scoop.

When we refer to a “high CBD” product, we’re talking about a medical product that is primarily composed of CBD cannabinoids and has low to negligible THC content.

You’ll often see medical products (especially tinctures) listed on our menu with two numbers separated by a colon. Those numbers detail the amount of CBD relative to THC in a given product. A ratio of 10:1 (CBD to THC) could be considered a high CBD product. At a ratio of 50:1 this is an especially high CBD tincture, making it a great consideration for patients who do not want to have any intoxicating effect from their medication.

CBD dominant products can be effective options for pediatric care, and are often preferred by patients who are treating digestive related conditions like Crohn’s and IBD, as well as anxiety disorders. The table below shows anonymous responses from some of our patients who shared what CBD dominant medical products have helped them with.

conditions treated with high cbd medical marijuana products

What is a Tincture?

Tinctures come in a small glass bottle with a dropper and are often preferred for their ability to provide precise dosing.

Tinctures are consumed sublingually or orally, and they are a simple way to use medical marijuana products, especially for patients who might be too young, or simply don’t prefer to vaporize. You can read more about tinctures here.

According to our patients, tinctures are the number one preferred form for high ratio CBD medical products and are preferred over dry leaf, capsules, vaporizers, and distillates.

preferred forms for high cbd medical marijuana products

Who Makes This CBD Tincture and Where Can I Get It?

The new tincture is the product of a partnership between Solevo Wellness and Terrapin, with Solevo handling the dispensing and Terrapin responsible for growing and manufacturing.

Terrapin is a highly regarded grower, producing TerraPods among other popular medical products. The company began out of Boulder, CO, in 2009. They were among the first 12 to earn grower/processor licenses in PA in 2017, and they have been helping Solevo Wellness provide outstanding medical marijuana products to Western Pennsylvanians since April 2018.

At Solevo Wellness, nothing is more important to us than your health and wellness. We have options available to purchase medical marijuana online for patients who register for our Online Reserve system. As always, PA Medical Marijuana cardholders, including first-time patients, may walk in at any Solevo Wellness location without an appointment. For more information, contact us today.