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in-dispensary kiosk ordering

In-Dispensary Kiosk Ordering is Coming in February

In November we rolled out a new menu format to our medical marijuana menus. The new menu featured some changes that our patients have long been asking for, including filtering options and easy access to THC and CBD ratios and other cannabinoid content. Perhaps even more importantly, the new menu format is compatible with electronic ordering which is arriving at long last!

By the end of February, we will have electronic ordering available from the lobby waiting rooms at our Squirrel Hill, Cranberry and Washington dispensaries. Orders can be placed from the iPad kiosks in each waiting room, where they will be transmitted to the dispensing areas to be filled. We’re calling this In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering and our front desk staff will be asking patients whether they want to place a kiosk order or meet with a PCC upon check-in.

In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering is in testing now and we’re excited to make it available to all patients before the end of next month. It will be followed by the launch of the Online Reserve system, where patients will be able to place medical product reservations from their phone or computer from outside of the Solevo dispensary. More information will be forthcoming as it relates to Online Reserve. For now, here are some of the key details for In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering.

Why Is This Happening?

There are two reasons this is happening. Based on our patient feedback survey from the fall of 2019, we know that nearly a quarter of our patients would appreciate the option to place orders from the waiting room rather than wait to meet with a Patient Care Consultant. We hope that kiosk ordering will address that need for those patients. In-dispensary kiosk ordering will replace our paper “Fast Track” system, and we will have staff available to assist patients on the kiosks if needed.

The second reason is that In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering utilizes the same system and technology that our Online Reserve system will use. We know that the ability to reserve medical products from outside of the dispensary is very important to a large number of our patients. Based on that same survey, we believe that over half of all patients would appreciate this functionality. Launching kiosk ordering from the dispensary will allow us to get everything ready for Online Reserve to launch later in the year.

When Is This Happening?

In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering will be available before the end of February, 2020. Join our email newsletter to be the first to know!

Will This Be at all Dispensaries?

Yes, this kiosk ordering functionality will be in place at all Solevo dispensaries, including the Washington location which will be opening in February.

Is this Appropriate for All Patients?

In-dispensary Kiosk Ordering is designed for patients who are very familiar with medical marijuana and are comfortable making purchase decisions without the guidance of dispensary employees. This ordering process allows experienced patients to select their medical products while in the waiting room, and they only enter the dispensing area to check out and complete their purchase. This does not allow for detailed questions and further conversations between patient and Patient Care Consultant, so it is important that only experienced and informed patients who have a deep understanding of their treatment plan use this process. Our goal is to make In-Dispensary Kiosk Ordering a quick and efficient process for all patients, so we ask that anyone who would like to chat further choose the regular dispensary line instead.

What Are Characteristics of Good Candidates?

  • Have previously had an initial consultation with a Solevo pharmacist
  • Did not have questions for Patient Care Consultants on prior visits to the dispensary
  • Do not want to have a conversation with a Patient Care Consultant during the check-out process
  • Keep a detailed journal that allow for greater understanding of how their body reacts to different medicines and doses
  • Have prior experience with medical marijuana and understand how their body reacts to different medical products.

What Are Characteristics of Patients Who Are Not Good Candidates?

  • Have not yet had an initial consultation with a Solevo pharmacist
  • Desire to talk with a Patient Care Consultant to help select the most appropriate medical products
  • Do not have a deep understanding of how their body reacts to different medicines and doses
  • Are not comfortable making informed and accountable decisions for their own treatment
  • Those who would like to make a return only or would like to return a product and purchase another one. These patients should use the regular line for any interaction involving a return.

Anything Else to Know?

We are excited to launch this new option for ordering within the dispensary. At the same time, we also know that there may be some bumps in the road as we get everything worked out. As we work through those things please know that we are always listening. Should you have questions, concerns, or other feedback don’t hesitate to let our new Patient Support Coordinator know.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2020 (including more growers to begin shipping medicine) and are grateful for the opportunity we have to be a part of your medical marijuana treatment.