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what is liquid live resin

Live Resin: What Exactly Does That Mean?


Have you looked at one of our PA medical marijuana menus and noticed that some products specify that they are Live Resin?

We know that some medical marijuana terminology can be confusing to our patients. That’s why we are breaking down exactly what that means.

What Is Live Resin?

Live Resin is an extract that comes from live cannabis plant material as opposed to dried or cured cannabis plant material. Immediately upon harvesting, the still-live plant is flash frozen prior to the extraction process. Flash freezing preserves the plant’s terpenes resulting in high-quality, flavorful concentrates.


  • Elevated terpene profiles
    • Medical patients are in mind with these products. That’s why extractors maximize the terpene profiles.
  • Greater potency
    • Because it contains all of the parts of the cannabis plant, an entourage effect is created. This makes live resin more potent than other forms of cannabis concentrates – such as distillates – even those which, in theory, contain more THC.
  • Taste and aroma
    • Live Resins have a consistent taste and aroma across the the board. Proper freezing will typically provide a much more flavorful product than cured material.
  • Less harsh than other solvents
    • Live Resin can be extracted using either CO2, BHO (Butane Hash Oil), or ethanol – most commonly BHO.


  • Cost
    • Live Resin commands a higher price because of the precision of techniques that result in elevated and maximized terpene profiles.
  • Cannabinoid Consistency
    • Because most of the focus is a high terpene profile, this leaves less room for a consistent cannabinoid profile in each batch.
  • Lower Cannabinoid Profile
    • Although cannabinoids can range from 60% – 95%, the inconsistency usually leads to a lower cannabinoid profile.

Growers Specializing in Live Resin

That’s right! Certain PA medical marijuana growers specialize in different extraction processes. Two growers that specialize in this extraction are Cresco and Prime Wellness.

  • Cresco
    • Cresco delivers consistent quality, experience, and availability in a portfolio of live concentrates and cartridges.
  • Prime Wellness
    • Prime Wellness’s live concentrates contain THCa in its purest form mixed with terpenes for fuller flavor and effects. Live resin is made with much smaller granules of crystalline to provide a more consistent texture. Live resin is favored for its high terpene content.

We know that there is a lot to understand about medical marijuana. If you have additional questions about the different aspects of medical marijuana and your treatment options, talk with a Patient Care Consultant (PCC) or pharmacists at one of our PA medical marijuana dispensaries during your next visit. For any additional questions for Solevo Wellness, you can visit our FAQ page, or contact us today. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our E-Newsletter to stay up to date with Solevo!