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Medical Marijuana for Children

The Solevo Wellness Pediatric Program

Pediatric care is of the utmost importance at Solevo. The group’s mission is to be a resource for all topics relating to medical marijuana for children. It starts with a personal connection and commitment, stemming from our firsthand experience using this medicine to help treat our own families. That commitment shows through our comprehensive and patient-centered care, and family-focused dispensary experience. We aim to create a community that delivers both information and empathy, and helps to advance the availability and efficacy of pediatric medical marijuana treatment.

For caregivers in the Pediatric Care Program, the dispensary offers some notable differences as compared to non-Pediatric visits. These differences are present in the dispensary visit, but also continue beyond the visit itself.

The Process

At the Dispensary

We know our Pediatric Care parents often have children with them or waiting at home, and we’re committed to making the purchase process as smooth and efficient as possible. All repeat Pediatric patients at Solevo are automatically entered into an accelerated line once they check in at the reception desk. The Pediatric Patient Care Consultant will be notified of the caregiver’s arrival, and this specialist has responsibility for ensuring a smooth checkout process.

Should it be the initial consultation for the caregiver, or if the caregiver otherwise requires a detailed discussion with a staff pharmacist, this consultation will take place prior to starting the purchase process. When possible, the Pediatric Patient Care Consultant will join the pharmacist for this discussion in Solevo’s sensory-friendly room. Children are invited to remain in this room with dim lighting and soft furniture while the caregiver completes the purchase process in the dispensing area.

After the Dispensary Visit

Caregivers will leave the dispensary with behavior and medicine logs along with a dosing schedule for administering medical marijuana. Caregivers of medically sensitive children will also receive micro dosing syringes free of charge. Additionally, all caregivers will leave with the email contact information for the Pediatric Care Consultant they had met with. We understand that there can be a lot of questions when starting a new treatment plan or making changes to modify an existing treatment plan. We encourage parents and other caregivers to get in touch with us as needed using the email address provided during their dispensary visit. Our team will record all questions and resolutions in the caregiver’s file.

Caregivers should plan to update their behavior and medicine logs while at home. For caregivers of epileptic children, there are also seizure logs to be updated. Taken together, these logs will help to form a comprehensive picture of the pediatric patient, and they will be very helpful in future care conversations between caregivers and Solevo staff.

Other Key Elements

Support Access

The Pediatric Care program includes access to a medication specialist who can assist with questions and concerns when the caregiver isn’t physically able to come to the dispensary. Contact information will be provided during the initial dispensary visit.

Support and Education

At Solevo, we believe that medical marijuana is a journey best traveled with the benefit of ongoing education and continual support. That’s why we’re committed to providing the latest news and information related to marijuana and pediatric care. It’s also the motivation for our pediatrics support groups, where parents, caregivers, and loved ones can gather to connect and share information.

Support Groups

Solevo Wellness™ offers caregivers a place to connect with other caregivers, share your medical marijuana experiences, and give and get emotional support and encouragement. Beginning on this new medical journey, and taking your child’s health into your own hands, can always be worrisome for any parent. At Solevo, we are here to support you throughout this journey.