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Get to Know Our Medical Marijuana Pharmacists at Solevo Wellness

All pharmacist consultations at Solevo Wellness are with one of our licensed pharmacists. Led by Richard Greer, our team has experience in clinical pharmacies, community pharmacies, and pharmacy benefits management. Get to know our medical marijuana pharmacists, including background, interests, hobbies, and more.

And of course, you can always speak with them at one of our PA medical marijuana dispensaries too. Check out the details below.

1. What was your pharmacy background prior to Solevo? 

-Natalie: Pharmacist in Charge of CVS/Pharmacy in Myrtle Beach, SC and later, Pittsburgh, PA then transitioned into telephonic MTM services at CVS Caremark.

-Jeff: Retail, drug information, correctional account manager, nursing home consultant, pharmacy benefit management.

-Richard: Long term care pharmacy (Omnicare, Inc.), community pharmacy (independent), and clinical pharmacy (Allegheny Health Network)

-Amy: I have been a pharmacist or more than 30  years and have worked in different capacities:  Retail for more than 15yrs, Managed Care for 12yrs, Adherence measures for 4yrs, now MMJ for 1.5yrs.

-Andrew: Ten years of retail/community pharmacy and three years of accounting.

2. What attracted you to the MMJ industry? 

-Natalie: I was attracted by the stories of parents whose lives were changed by having access to medical marijuana for their children with seizure disorders.  

-Jeff: I am a medical marijuana patient.  I started in July of 2018 and started getting relief from headaches.  Solevo Wellness was the first dispensary I visited.  I loved the atmosphere and the people.  I thought that if I continue to get relief, I may be able to return to work as a pharmacist.   Less than a year later I was hired and I’m working part time with very few headaches. 

-Richard: The success stories, the desire to learn new treatment/medication options, and a pioneering spirit!

-Amy: I had been away from direct patient care for a while and needed to get back to helping people directly. In addition, I have always been attracted to non-traditional pharmacy roles that challenge me to learn and grow. Medical Marijuana certainly met all my needs.

-Andrew: Richard was a huge influence. He introduced me to the advantages with medical marijuana and I knew immediately that this was the industry for me.

3. What are your personal hobbies, interests, etc.? 

-Natalie: I’m in what I call “the lost decade.” Not much time for my own hobbies but trying to help my 19-month-old daughter, Leah find what interests her.

-Jeff: Fly fishing, playing guitar, golfing, skiing, cycling, volleyball

-Richard: Sports (especially high school and college football), landscaping, car enthusiast, humongous music fan

-Amy: In my free time and on days off I like to bike ride around Pittsburgh, tend to my garden or kayak on the Yough River.

-Andrew: I enjoy golf, exercising, music and video games.

4. What are your highlights from working in the industry? 

-Natalie: Having one of my patients who suffered from debilitating migraines thank me for the direct, positive impact I have had on his health and career.

-Jeff: Helping people every day that are have are suffering and have exhausted all traditional treatments start their journey on medical marijuana to give them hope and relief.  I try to convey my experience, to let them know that I can relate to some of the things they are feeling during their first trip to our dispensary. 

-Richard: Collaborating with some amazing, like-minded individuals to offer relief to those who are suffering.

-Amy: Meeting so many different people, listening to their unique stories and helping them on their Cannabis journey, we are learning about this plant and its healing properties together.  I have had patients report better sleep, less anxiety, reduced seizure activity, less pain and reduction of their traditional pain medications, and even some remarkable changes in cancer/tumor growth since adding MMJ to their regimen.

-Andrew: My highlight was a voicemail from a mother whose daughter suffered from severe seizures and within one week, her life has drastically changed for the better. The mother just wanted to thank me and you could here the sincerity and relief in her voice.

5. Fun/funny fact about you? 

-Natalie: I’ve been in two movies – The Warrior and more recently, the Mr. Rogers movie to be released this fall. I am featured with 4 other girls as a “mom” friend of the lead actor and actress, Matthew Rys and Susan Kalechi.

-Jeff: I sang with Tony Bennett at a Christmas concert in college. 

-Richard: Although born and raised in Pittsburgh, I lived at the beach for 5 years when I was first married.

-Amy: I have never lived farther than 6 miles from where I grew up, I am a Pittsburgher thru and thru.

-Andrew: I have shot two hole in ones.

6. Favorite food? 

-Natalie: A plate of fresh figs, burrata cheese and crackers

 -Jeff: Most anything with chocolate and peanut butter

-Richard: All of them.

-Amy: Any type of salad and white pizza

-Andrew: Pizza

7. Why pharmacy? 

-Natalie: I wanted a challenge and it seemed like a growing field.

 -Jeff: I was always interested in science and wanted to help people manage their medications.

-Richard: I found pharmacy after completing a Bachelor’s degree when I was fortunate enough to be hired by a pharmacy for a sales/marketing position.  I met some great people and had a wonderful introduction into what life as a pharmacist entailed and decided to pursue the career for myself

-Amy: I was always interested in the medical field, but I am not a fan of needles or blood, so pharmacy was a good option for me.  I am also 3rd generation pharmacist, following in my father’s and grandfathers’ footsteps…so maybe it was genetic!

-Andrew: My family is comprised of both accounting and pharmacy professionals. I have always had an interest in pharmacy, but it wasn’t until I got into accounting that I realized that my true passion is pharmacy.

8. What was your dream job growing up? 

-Natalie: Lawyer

 -Jeff: Pilot

-Richard: professional athlete

-Andrew: Architect

9. What do you do to relieve stress? 

-Natalie: Sleep

 -Jeff: Watch a movie or listen to music and, of course, cannabis!

-Richard: Workout, especially swim

-Amy: Spend time outdoors, read or relax with a glass of wine.

-Andrew: Go to the golf course to  practice my short game while listening to my favorite music.

10. What is your dream/favorite vacation? 

-Natalie: So many places I would like to visit. The Bolivian salt flats are high on my list as well as the Algarve of Portugal.

 -Jeff: Anywhere in the Caribbean 

-Richard: Bora Bora (or anywhere that is tropical with crystal clear ocean water)

-Amy: A white sand beach with my family.

-Andrew: Crystal clear water beach.

11. Anything else people may find interesting about you?

-Natalie: I love learning new languages. I speak Portuguese and am learning Italian and Greek; it will take me the rest of my life at this rate to be fluent, but it’s certainly fun!

-Richard: I don’t mean to brag, but I have been known as the “Rapping Pharmacist”

-Amy: I enjoy beading and making jewelry when I have time.

-Andrew: I put ketchup on my eggs and my macaroni and cheese.

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