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adam toriseva

Meet the Team: Adam Toriseva, Patient Support Coordinator


At Solevo Wellness, we recognize the importance of being able to communicate with patients both inside and outside of our dispensaries. However, we also recognize that there can be some challenges that come along with a growing PA medical marijuana program and patient base.

We’ve been collecting data every month on the communication routes available to all Solevo Wellness locations, and we’ve found that we get about 3,000 calls alone per month. In an average month, that equates to about 100 calls per day to one line. In addition, we monitor both our Facebook and Instagram inboxes daily and our email inbox to [email protected]. As you can see, there are many ways to contact Solevo, and well over 100 patients are trying to reach Solevo daily. We admit that getting in touch with us via the phone is a challenge, and it has been hard to keep up with the call volume over time. The Facebook inbox has been the quickest and most efficient way to get in touch with us.

We have a team of people that monitor the inboxes during working hours. However, we’re excited to now have a dedicated Patient Support team that we’re continuing to build upon. This team will be handling patient communication through our social media inboxes, email, and phone. We are continuing to work on ways to sync up all our communication routes, including our phone calls, into one system so you can get in touch with us in the easiest possible way for you.

Our Patient Support team will be there to help answer questions related to dispensary logistics, returns and exchanges, inventory and other miscellaneous questions. However, this team is not qualified to answer dosing or other medical-related questions specific to your treatment plan. Because our Patient Support team is not made up of pharmacists or Patient Care Consultants (PCCs), all patients with dosing or other medical-related questions should still come in to speak with a pharmacist or PCC about your treatment plan at one of our dispensaries.

For now, we’d like to introduce one of our Patient Support Coordinators, Adam Toriseva! Adam will be one of the team members on the front line of communication to our dispensary for patients wanting to get in touch with us via social media, email, and phone. Adam is a believer in the value of medical marijuana and has a passion for connecting with people and fostering positive relationships. We are very excited to have him on board!

Read on for more about Adam and what brought him into this industry.

1.) What brought you into this industry?  

For years, the medicinal benefits of marijuana have been shrouded by social stigma and legal restrictions. Though a lot is changing, we still have a long way to go. In joining this industry, I hope to be able to help patients who felt that they had no other options. I want to be able to educate people about this wonderful plant and help patients navigate through using this new medicine, regardless of their prior experience and knowledge. Making sure all patients feel safe and comfortable using medical marijuana is my goal. 

2.) What excites you about coming to work and what is most rewarding about connecting with patients on a daily basis? 

What excited me most about coming to work are the patients. I love getting to talk to people and hear their stories. Some of the patients I have the privilege of getting to meet are very sick, in lots of pain, and fighting some very big battles. Their strength and resilience in the face of adversity amazes me everyday. Healing can be a long process, but the most rewarding part of my job is being able to help patients through this process.

3.) What is your favorite strain and what does it help with? (Bonus: What is your favorite form and why?)  

 My go-to is always a Sojay Haze cartridge. I love citrus-flavored strains, and always love a good sativa. However, my favorite form has to be topical. The infused lotions we have are a lifesaver for reliving anything like migraines, pulled muscles, stomach aches, and even acne or eczema! I would recommend topicals to anyone.

4.) What are you hoping to expand your knowledge on with this position? 

I hope that by working at Solevo, I can expand my knowledge of cannabis as a medicine. Everyone here is so eager to help and teach me, and I feel privileged to get to work with such a great team.

5.) What is one fun fact about you that you’d like patients to know?

As well at working at Solevo, I am working towards a degree in Psychology from Arizona State University. I can also speak Spanish and am continuing to study it in college, as well.