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Meet the Team: Danielle Bryant, Patient Care Consultant

Danielle Bryant is a Patient Care Consultant (PCC) at our Squirrel Hill location. She has been working with Solevo Wellness since December of 2018. At Solevo, Danielle is known for being talkative and really taking the time to get to know our patients well, including what medicine helps each of them and what she thinks they might like. To those closer to her, she is also known for her touching story of being a kidney donor.

Danielle recently participated in the 2019 Pittsburgh Kidney Walk by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), which raised over $255,000 with donations still rolling in. The National Kidney Foundation is “the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.” The goal of the Kidney Walk is to help improve and extend people’s lives. People across the country walk to help raise essential funds and help the National Kidney Foundation “expand the public conversation from kidney disease to kidney health. “

Danielle has an awesome story to share about why she walked in the Pittsburgh Kidney Walk and why it is so important to her. Read on for Danielle’s touching story about how she got involved by donating one of her own kidneys to her best friend.

Danielle’s Story of Donating Her Kidney

“My best friend was diagnosed in 2011 with FSGS (kidney disease.) I had told him one night that if he ever needed a kidney, I had two good ones. I had no idea how good they would be, but it turns out I had two extremely good kidneys functioning at 99% while his were functioning at 10% the day of transplant. He is currently around 60% kidney function as am I. The thought of losing my best friend was indescribable. The second I found out he needed a kidney, I went to testing and almost 9 months later, donated without a hitch. I participate in the kidney walk alongside my best friend and our families, to give hope to those who are struggling with kidney disease. To raise awareness for the warriors that sometimes get forgotten in the shuffle of so many other important diseases. I belong to several kidney support groups on social media and I see that a lot of people feel like this disease isn’t brought to light in the way that other conditions are. I want to give kidney disease a bigger voice. There are currently over 93,000 people waiting for a kidney on the transplant list. The wait for a deceased donor could be anywhere from 5-10 years depending on the state. My hope is that even by reading this, one person checks yes to be an organ donor on their license.”

Now, learn more about Danielle as a PCC at Solevo!

1. What brought you into this industry?

My love of helping people. As a prior first responder in the military, I love to help people. I like to bring a level of comfort to my patients when they know that I am here to help them feel better.  

2. What excites you about coming to work everyday?

I love to see the patients and how they light up when they get the medicine they need and the friendships and trust I form with them.

3. What has been the most rewarding part of being a PCC at Solevo Wellness?

Having patients that I know trust me and my recommendations and being able to get glimpses into their lives and finding out a little about each one.  

4. What is your favorite strain and what does it help with? (Bonus: What is your favorite form and why?)

I have a couple favorite strains that I use for different effects. I love Salmon River OG #4 and LA Biker Kush. I typically stick to dry leaf because I feel like it helps me the most medicinally for my anxiety and fibromyalgia. Those two strains combined helped me to come off all of my anxiety medications and also help me sleep better at night.

5. What do you consider your MMJ expertise?

Dry leaf for sure. I have tried a lot of strains and I also take time to research about each one I use. I pay attention to the cannabinoid/terpene levels and figure out what would be the best match for the patient based upon their condition.

6. What are you hoping to expand your knowledge on?

I would like to learn more about concentrates. I haven’t used them as much and I would like to really dig deeper into the process and different consistencies and what each will be beneficial for.

7. What is something you want curious people to know about medical marijuana and the program in PA?

I want people to know that we offer more medicine than dry leaf. The stigma of marijuana often leads people to only think of one form on usage when envisioning medical marijuana. We offer capsules, tinctures and lotions as a few examples of non-inhalation forms. The average age of medical patients in the state of PA is 51. That also comes as a surprise to most people who think this is just a younger generation of people using this medicine.

Next time you’re in our Solevo Wellness Squirrel Hill dispensary, make sure to stop over and say hello to Danielle!