Meet the Solevo Team: Andi Hammerschimtt, PCC

If you’ve ever visited our Cranberry location, you know her as the smiling face standing at Station 3! With her vast knowledge and obvious passion for medical marijuana, it is no mystery why Andi’s patients and coworkers find her positive energy infectious. 

Want to learn more about Andi?

1. What Brought You into This Industry?

I knew from the start that medical marijuana would help so many people, and that I definitely wanted to be a part of that. I am a patient and after seeing my results, I wanted to help people heal with natural medication.

2. What Excites You About Coming to Work Everyday?

Seeing my awesome team of hard workers and knowing that I get to educate people about medical marijuana all day. We get to meet new people everyday who are taking a huge step in their lives and it’s amazing to see.


3. What Has Been the Most Rewarding Part of Being a PCC at Solevo Wellness?

Seeing patients come back to tell you that what you had recommended helped them out and they are always so grateful. It’s definitely the most rewarding part. I’ve cried tears of joy and sadness with patients, it can get very emotional, but their stories keep me coming back everyday.

4. If You Are a Certified MMJ Patient, What is Your Favorite Strain & What Does it Help With?

My favorite strain is Chunky Diesel. It helps with my stomach pain and inflammation more than any other strain has so far. I like it in the rso, concentrate, and dry leaf!

5. What Do You Consider Your MMJ Expertise?

I think I excel in helping new patients feel comfortable and find the right products to try. Sometimes it’s hard if they have never tried anything before!

6. What Are You Hoping to Expand Your Knowledge On?

I work a lot with pediatric patients, but I’m no where near an expert yet, so I want to continue to learn in that area.

7. What is One Thing You Would Want Someone Thinking About Trying MMJ to Know?

Know that you can go into a Solevo dispensary  and feel comfortable and not be judged. Medical marijuana is such an individualized thing that it may take some time to find products that work for you but there are a lot of people out there willing to help, like us:) Also I encourage people to just give it a try if you are thinking about it because it could change your life, no big deal.


There you have it! Next time you’re in Cranberry, be sure to tell Andi you know a little more about her now! Until next time, Solevo Family!