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Meet the Solevo Team: TJ Krol, Patient Care Consultant

Hello Solevo Wellness Family!

We are so excited to kick off our “Meet the Solevo Team” segment of Solevo News. Up first is seemingly everyone’s “favorite” patient care consultant, TJ Krol. We’re not sure if it’s the hair or the constant smile, but TJ continues to win the hearts of patients. He works exclusively at the Solevo Wellness Squirrel Hill location and you find his notorious smiling face standing at station number 3.

Let’s get to know a little more about TJ, shall we?

1.    What brought you into this industry?

In my career searching in college I came to the realization my major of Hospitality Management could be applied to any form of service. I then became aware I would be able to follow a career path that wouldn’t corner me into being a slave to others happiness, but be able to help make a difference in people’s lives as well as finding enjoyment in what I do everyday.

2. What excites you most about coming to work every day?

I get most excited knowing I get to come to a place filled with like minded people, and an environment that pushes for health and wellness in many different ways.

3. What has been the most rewarding part of being a Patient Care Consultant at Solevo Wellness?

I think I speak for most of the PCCs’ at Solevo Wellness when I say the most rewarding part of our job is seeing progress with our patients. There is no better news than when a patient tells you that they were able to get off all their prior medication, or even cancer free. That is what it’s all really about.

4.  If you are a certified MMJ Patient, what is your favorite strain & what does it help with?

My strain of choice would easily be Pineapple Express, typical but effective. I suffer from chronic migraines, and there is no better strain for head pressure, and body relaxation for me.

5. What do you consider your MMJ Expertise?

I would say my expertise comes into play with the charisma I bring to the Solevo Wellness team. I can definitely help patients find what medicine might work best for them. However I also like to think my strength comes from my ability to converse. I really try to help make my patients feel comfortable and safe in their choices when it comes to their medication. What I like to really focus on is the best in people, and most of the time, especially if you are a frequent patient, I will try to reach out and get to know you as more than just a patient.

6. In what areas are you hoping to expand your knowledge?

My next focus would be the horticulture side of things. When it comes to this industry my goal is to say I have done it all in all areas that this industry will grow into.

7. What is one thing you would want someone thinking about trying MMJ to know?

My best advice to anyone thinking about trying MMJ is to not over think it. This is one of the most natural medicines on this planet, and there is plenty of factual science on it. Take time to research for yourself and find that medical marijuana can help answer several problems that us as a species face on a everyday basis. The best part of MMJ has to be the community/culture that comes with it. You will not find a more loving, and just naturally caring group of people that embody this industry.

You heard it here first, TJ loves this industry and taking care of his patients! Don’t forget to stop and say “hi TJ!” on our next Facebook or Instagram post! He loves to hear from you…

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