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Moxie’s Melonwreck Strain and Pain Management

Medically Reviewed by: Christine A. Doerbecker, BS, RPh

One of the most common uses for medical marijuana is to treat chronic or intractable pain. Moxie’s melonwreck strain can effectively treat and mitigate the symptoms of chronic pain. We’ll discuss medical marijuana for intractable pain, and specifically, the effectiveness of melonwreck. First, let’s explore types of pain and how medical marijuana can be effectively used to treat pain.

Chronic Pain vs. Intractable Pain

According to the American Pain Foundation, chronic pain is estimated to affect almost 50 million Americans. Chronic pain is classified as pain that lasts for more than three months and cannot be completely alleviated. Acute pain, which is the sudden onset of pain, can sometimes develop into chronic pain. The cause of chronic pain varies and can be related to a previous injury or various health conditions including arthritis and nerve damage. However, it is possible that chronic pain can present with no apparent cause.

Intractable pain is considered a severe form of chronic pain. Intractable pain is pain that is difficult to manage or treat. Typically, it cannot be controlled with standard medical care. The pain is so severe that it can often affect the lifestyle, from eating to sleeping habits, of those who suffer from the pain. As intractable pain has no cure, treatment involves alleviating the severe discomfort associated with the pain.

Some health experts believe that the brain interprets intractable pain signals differently than other kinds of pain signals, which could explain why intractable pain is so challenging to treat. While the causes for intractable pain can be various conditions like migraines or rheumatoid arthritis, the cause is not always definitive, which again contributes to the challenge of treating intractable pain.

Medical Marijuana for Pain Management

Medical marijuana can provide relief in effective pain management in three ways:

  • It can provide relief from the pain itself, alone or in combination with analgesics.
  • It can provide relief from the side effects, like nausea, associated with taking opioid drugs.
  • It can provide relief from the symptoms associated with chronic and intractable pain, like nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Inhaled medical marijuana is the preferred administration to alleviate pain. The active compounds are more quickly and efficiently absorbed into the blood stream when inhaled, as compared to other forms.

All About Moxie

With a PurePenn growing facility located locally in McKeesport, PA, Moxie is committed to creating and delivering the highest-quality cannabis products to users through innovative manufacturing, education, and professionalism.

The expertise of PurePenn Moxie lies in their live resin extraction process, a laboratory-grade three-step process. This process uses fresh marijuana flowers that are immediately frozen once harvested without drying or curing, which keeps the unique qualities of the plant’s living form intact. Their extraction process is designed to bring out the best overall terpene and cannabinoid profile. All resin products are purified and batch-tested prior to packaging to ensure the safest and highest-quality products available.

The Details on Melonwreck

Moxie’s melonwreck strain has been shown to effectively treat chronic and intractable pain. As the strain is known to relax, it’s recommended to administer at night.

Users of the melonwreck strain cited it alleviated the following types of chronic pain: chronic back pain, pain associated with sciatica, and pain from surgeries. Due to its calming effects, the melonwreck strain has also been found to aid sleep, which is particularly helpful to those who may also be suffering from insomnia. Here is a representative review from a patient who found pain relief with this strain.

After 3 back surgeries and now a broken knee. This has been the best help I could of found. It works so much better then any opiate could. It is a relaxing sleepy high that takes the pain away from it’s sedating effects.

5.0 star review on Weedmaps

But as this reviewer points out, be warned if you’re not a watermelon fan!

I’m usually a fan of terpenes being reintroduced from the same strain, but moxie struck gold with this natural watermelon terpene flavored vape. If you do not like watermelons or fruity carts do not buy this.

5.0 star review on Weedmaps

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