michelle robertson

Meet the Team: Michelle Robertson, Patient Care Consultant

Known to some of you as DabGirlMichelle, Michelle joined the Solevo team last year as we were gearing up to open our Greensburg facility. She is a cannabis enthusiast and if you couldn’t tell by her social media handle, she is a huge fan of concentrates. Michelle wows our Greensburg patients with her smile, shining personality, and wonderful recommendations.

1. What brought you into this industry?

I have had a passion for working in this industry for years. Whether it’s researching new topics or educating my community, I’ve become a ‘go-to’ person for many people when it comes to marijuana. I have attended High Times’ Cannabis Cup in Denver, traveled to different states to try strains, and I interned for a marijuana blog in CA. I knew from the start that this industry was for me.  

2. What excites you about coming to work everyday?

The most exciting part is working with a bunch of cool people! All our branches, Squirrel Hill, Cranberry and Greensburg, have some of the dopest, most educated employees. Each one of us bring so much to the table.  

3. What has been the most rewarding part of being a PCC at Solevo Wellness?

The most rewarding part is when a patient comes back to tell you that what you recommended worked wonders for them. I am always confident in what I recommend; it makes the patient feel at ease and confident to try too.  When I hear a patient finally slept after months of pain and no sleep, it feels SO good. 

4. What is your favorite strain and what does it help with? (Bonus: What is your favorite form and why?)

There are so many to choose from! I would have to say my favorite strain is Sour Blueberry. It’s a relaxing hybrid with such a great taste. I suffer from severe migraines and this strain has helped decrease the number of headaches and optical pain I get. Sour Blueberry is grown and harvested by Prime Wellness in PA; it is crossed with Subrob’s Sour Diesel x Blue Dabney. The taste is on point every time I dab!  

 I obviously enjoy this most in a concentrate form. I’m DabGirlMichelle for a reason!! LOL! Over the years, I found myself collecting different water pieces and devices used for dabbing; it’s all about the taste and potency. It’s all about combination of flavors through terpenes with live concentrates.  

5. What do you consider your MMJ expertise?

I excel in helping patients find the right strains and forms that best suit their medical needs and their comfort level. I try to make each patient experience very personalized.  

6. What are you hoping to expand your knowledge on?

I am hoping to expand on operational procedures and day-to-day decision making. 

7. What is something you want curious people to know about medical marijuana and the program in PA?

I would say that this program is nowhere near perfect, but this is only the beginning. We have medical cannabis in the state of PA right now! We are very lucky. There will be problems but when you walk into a Solevo Wellness dispensary, you are treated like family. All of us are here to help patients see some sort of relief from years of pain. I encourage everyone to try it, because who knows, you might sleep at night! 

Next time you’re in, make sure to stop over and say hello to Michelle!