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New Online Menu

New Changes to the Online Menu Format

You might have noticed some big changes in recent weeks to the online menu for the Squirrel Hill dispensary. We have been developing a new menu format that will work in sync with future electronic in-dispensary ordering. After listening to patient feedback and beta-testing, we launched the new menu for our Squirrel Hill location on November 4, 2019. The new menu for the Cranberry dispensary will be available in the coming weeks. [Update: The new menu format launched for the Cranberry dispensary on November 27, 2019.]

Our online menus are the best place to get updated information about product availability at our Solevo dispensaries. The new menu format will better suit the needs of our medical marijuana patients and caregivers, provide timely updates, and allow for exciting electronic ordering capabilities in the future.

New Menu Format

So, what does the new menu look like? When you navigate to our Squirrel Hill online menu, the first thing you will see is the dispensary you have chosen. Squirrel Hill is the only location with the new menu format currently, so you will see “Squirrel Hill Menu.” Next, you will see the most recent date and time of when the online menu was updated.

Next, you will see a new search bar and new filters. The search bar will search the Product Names and Descriptions in the database. For example, if you wanted to search all products from any Category with “pain” in the description, you would type “pain” into the search bar, and select the “All” Category.

You can also filter products by Category, Sub-Category, and Species of medical marijuana plant. For example, if you wanted to search for only Concentrates that contain “pain” in the description, you would type “pain” into the search bar and select the “All” Category. These filters will help you find the exact medicine you are searching for. If you would like to clear your search, there is a “Clear Filters” button with an “X” icon under the filter options to start over.

Under the filters are the actual product listings that are currently available at the dispensary. The products listed will change based on your filters. For example, if you select the “Concentrates” Category, only products that are concentrates will be listed.

Some product listings contain images of the product while others have the specific grower’s logo. The product images listed are a work in progress. When we have images for a product, they will be available on the online menu.

Menu Format Improvements

All this change can be confusing, but the good news is these changes are being made to improve your online and in-dispensary experience. The new menu features will help you effortlessly find the medicine you’re looking for. Some of the improvements in the new menu format are:

1. Accessible Search Bar and Product Filters

The search bar and product filters make finding the right medicine for you quick and easy. With Categories, Sub-Categories, and Species, you can quickly narrow your product search. Categories include dry leaf, vapes, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and accessories.

Sub-Categories narrow Categories down even further. For example, edibles include the sub-Categories of capsules and tinctures. You can also filter by species of medical marijuana with Indica, Sativa, or hybrid options.

2. Visible Cannabinoid and Terpene Content

After the product descriptions and when available, cannabinoid and terpene percentages are listed. This important composition information will help you decide which product is right for you.

3. Accessible Product Description

The product information you need is very accessible in the new menu format. We listened to your user feedback and made the product info and descriptions easy to access without any additional clicks. When you search, you’ll immediately be able to read about the products you see on the screen.

Take some time to explore the new menu. We’re excited for the new functionalities to make your medical marijuana search process more efficient.

If you would like to share your feedback on the new menu format or other features you’d like to see at Solevo, please fill out our Fall 2019 survey. While we know we won’t be able to address everything, we are doing our best to prioritize the most common themes that we are hearing. If you have additional questions about the new menu format, please talk with a Patient Care Consultant at one of our dispensaries.