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PA Dispensary Prices: Now Lower at Solevo


There are now over 250,000 registered patients in the PA Medical Marijuana program and 147,000 active MMJ card holders. One thing that we often hear from our MMJ patients is a desire to see lower PA dispensary prices. While likely not to the degree that all would wish, we are seeing prices come down. Here’s what we’re doing beginning in December at our Pittsburgh marijuana dispensary locations with the old Solevo Spotlight items based on results from our recent patient survey.

What Are Solevo Spotlight Items?

Until very recently, our medical marijuana menus featured something we called Solevo Spotlight items. These spotlight items were reduced price items that provided great opportunities for patients to get lower prices. The problem with Spotlight items is that they were unpredictable and would change from week to week. This created challenges for some of our patients who were not interested in testing out new products (some patients have a preferred product or two and never diverge from what is working), and also occasionally made things frustrating when a Spotlight item would sell out more quickly than we anticipated.

So it was for a number of reasons that we decided to end the Solevo Spotlight items. But we knew that we wanted to preserve the opportunity for patient savings. We know price can be a challenge for patients, and we wanted to tackle this with our menu pricing. That’s why we surveyed patients in October to help figure out what we should do.

Results From Our Patient Survey

Here is the specific question we asked in our survey.

We are considering a new approach for reduced price items (currently called Solevo Spotlight items). If we stop the Spotlight items, where would you be most interested in seeing new opportunities for savings?

Option 1: More patient appreciation days with incremental % off savings for the entire dispensary or specific categories of products (e.g. dry leaf savings, tinctures savings, etc)

Option 2: Slightly lower prices everyday

Solevo Patient Survey, Question 5, October 2019

The response was overwhelming! With about 600 patients responding, a full 75% preferred to see lower everyday prices on medical marijuana. So that’s exactly what we’re doing beginning in December.

What Categories and Products Will Have Lower Prices?

Our goal is to thoughtfully lower prices across some of our most popular medical products from select growers. Unlike Spotlight items, these new prices will be permanent! All prices are effective December 2019.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost?

Here are some of the primary items to look out for when determining how much it costs to buy MMJ:

RSO: All 1 g RSO from Terrapin will now be $55. All 1 g RSO from Prime Wellness will now be $70. From Cresco, the 1000 mg RSO blend has a new lower price of $65 and the 1000 mg strain-specific RSO has a new lower price of $75.

Tinctures: The 15 mg tinctures from Standard Farms in 1:1, 10:1, and Hybrid will now all be $55. From Vireo, the Green, Blue, and Red 12.5 ml tinctures will now all be $50. The Indigo 12.5 ml tincture from Vireo will now be $70.

All spray tinctures from Cresco will now have a new lower price of $25.

Capsules: The 330 mg capsules from Standard Farms in 1:1, 10:1, and Hybrid will now all be $55. 30 pack capsules from Vireo will now be $50. From Terrapin, the 20 pack of iCan Regular will be $16 and the 20 pack of iCan Extra Strength will now be $48.

Topicals: All topics from Ilera will now be $30.

Distillates: All 1 g distillates from Prime Wellness will now be $70. The 500 mg syringes from Ilera will now be $50. 1000 mg syringes from Ilera will now be $85.

Cartridges: From Cresco, the CO2 and Liquid Live Resin 500 mg cartridges will now be $45. All Terrapin cartridges will now be $35.

Disposable Pens: All 250 mg disposable pens from Ilera will now be $30.

Dry Leaf: In the short term, our biggest priority with dry lead continues to be to get whatever product we can find until the current PA dry leaf shortage is over. In terms of lower pricing, 1 g dry leaf from Cresco will now be $18 and 3.5 g dry leaf from Cresco will now be $55.

Terrapin has two levels of dry leaf medical marijuana. The lower level will be $10 for 1 g and 3.5 g for $35. The higher level will be $13 for 1 g and 3.5 g for $45 (down from $14 for the single gram and $49 for the 3.5 gram).

Will Medical Marijuana Prices Continue to Go Down?

In time, yes, we believe that MMJ prices in PA will model what happened in more established markets like Colorado, California, and Oregon. As supply grows and demand normalizes, prices tend to decrease over time.

At this time, we’re anxious for more PA MMJ growers to come on board and begin shipping medical marijuana products to our Pittsburgh dispensaries that have been fully vetted and tested. At this moment, there are only 12 grower / processors active in the state and 72 operational dispensaries in PA. That imbalance is the primary reason that the state has experienced a dry leaf shortage since the summer of 2019.

Once there is ample supply to meet the needs of PA medical marijuana patients, we hope to see prices continue to slowly migrate downwards in the years ahead.

If you are already approved to obtain medical marijuana in the state of PA, check our MMJ locations to see which of our medical marijuana dispensaries is the most convenient for you. If you have additional MMJ questions, please check out our FAQ page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.