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Thank You For 6 Months of PA Medical Marijuana


It’s August 15th, which means it’s officially been 6 months that the PA medical marijuana program has been providing a new choice for relief! We were the first Pittsburgh dispensary to open and we’re having a (half) birthday celebration to look back on where we’ve been and thank our patients for pushing us to get even better.

When we first opened, we had only one grower (Cresco Yeltrah) for not just our dispensary but the entire state. Inventory of medical products was light, lines were long, and a visit to the dispensary was not exactly relaxing. We definitely heard from our patients about how things could improve. We worked to improve ease of scheduling for first time patients (appointments can easily be made online), we added estimate patient wait times to our menu page, and we worked to schedule 2 pharmacists and 6 Patient Care Consultants on most days so we could see as many patients as possible.

Medical marijuana supply levels were a challenge throughout the state. Things started to improve as Standard Farms began delivering in March, and was then followed by Terrapin and Moxie by PurePenn in April, and GTI in June. As supply levels began to improve, we began to hear more and more from our patients about wait times. One issue had been addressed, but it was quickly replaced by another!

The message we heard was that it was great to have products available to purchase, but not convenient if an average trip took 1.5 – 2 hours. To respond, we started our Fast Track line in May which allowed experienced, repeat patients to fill out a paper order form while in the waiting room and significantly cut down their wait time. We had some growing pains to work through, but it was a success overall from all the feedback we heard. Then, beginning in July the Fast Track process went digital, and now orders can be placed through one of our 5 Fast Track kiosks in the waiting rooms. Signing up is free and just requires a name and mobile phone number, which allows patients to receive text notifications when their medical products are ready!

All the while, we’ve been trying to create content about the most common questions we hear from patients. We continue to update our FAQ page as more daily questions come in, and try to write more detailed posts about other questions like What are Terpenes?How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in PA, and Can Medical Marijuana Help End Opioid Addiction? Feel free to message us through Facebook if you have other questions you’d like us to explore!

August brought big news with the introduction of dry leaf as a new patient option. We launched a survey to understand where patients had the most questions and were able to address as much as we could in advance. In addition to offering a choice that many patients prefer overall, dry leaf also provides a new price with some high quality, lab-tested strains selling for as low as $12 for a single gram.

We also know that our 6 PM closing time on weekdays is a huge challenge for patients who want to come after work. That’s why we’re taking our 6 month birthday celebration to announce a new change that have been requested. Effective, Wednesday, 8/22 we’ll now be offering Wednesday evening hours! When we initially launched our patient survey last month, we were considering a monthly or twice monthly evening hour approach. Two things were clear from our survey: weekly availability is very important and Wednesday is a highly popular daily request! Thanks to the more than 200 current patients who voted! We will be extending our Wednesday hours to 8:00 PM. We’re excited and hope you are too!

We feel fortunate to be able to one of the dispensaries helping to make PA medical marijuana more convenient, more compassionate, and more accessible to all. On this 6 month birthday, we’re reminded of how grateful we are to the Pittsburgh community and our patients. For today only (8/15), we’ll have Moxie concentrates (Badders and Shatters) at $40 for half gram sizes, while supplies last. Today, we will also have Terrapin Hellz Angel OG cartridges at $50 for 500 mg. Finally, we just received a large new shipment of dry leaf as well!

Here’s to 6 more great months and more beyond that. Thank you!