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Terrapin Cartridges and TerraPods: 2 Products Patients Should Know

Terrapin cartridges continue to be in high demand. This is especially true within the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program and at Solevo Wellness. PA patients initially gave Terrapin a warm reception when the grower first launched in Spring of 2018. Terrapin expanded their cartridge line back in the Fall of 2018 with the introduction of TerraPods.

History of Terrapin in Pennsylvania

Terrapin Care Station, known as Terrapin Pennsylvania in the PA program, helps Solevo Wellness provide Western Pennsylvania patients with exceptional medical marijuana. Originally founded in 2009 in Boulder, Colorado, Terrapin received one of the first 12 grower/processor licenses in Pennsylvania in 2017. They have been supplying medical marijuana products to Solevo since April 2018.

Terrapin Cartridges

Terrapin cartridges are quite popular at Solevo. We hear positive patient reports about both the vaporizer cartridges and the TerraPods.  The vaporizer cartridges use Terrapin’s distillate as a base, and then add back 100% cannabis derived terpenes. This process creates various strain flavors that are innovative and exciting for patients.

Terrapin cartridges are available in multiple strains that have been hand-selected by cultivators. Products range from Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and potent High-CBD strains. These are high-quality products, but Terrapin cartridges are also known for their affordability. Terrapin cartridges have been available in strains including Space Monkey, Juliet’s Poison, Lemon Sweet Skunk, Alien Blue, and many more.

TerraPods and the Dart

In addition to the normal Terrapin cartridges, the company produces TerraPods, which use the Dart CCell technology. Dart CCell pods launched at Solevo Wellness in October 2018 and have been a popular product ever since. A ceramic heating element from CCell helps to power the Dart. The ceramic element allows the Dart to be potent, while still providing consistent flavors. The Dart is inhale-activated, compact, and rechargeable.

TerraPods come in strains like Sour Tangie, Happy Orange Gorilla, Dark Bleu Cheese, and more. For current product availability for both Terrapin cartridges and TerraPods at Solevo Wellness, please visit our menus for all our locations.

Terrapin Contact Info

If you have comments or concerns about any Terrapin products please connect with the Terrapin team at [email protected] You can also directly message them on Facebook.

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