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Medical Marijuana for Physicians

Physicians can feel confident recommending Solevo for medical marijuana.

We have a wealth of experience working with medical marijuana for physicians. At Solevo Wellness, our leadership team includes primary care physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, registered nurses, and medical professionals. We understand that when you recommend a patient to a PA medical marijuana specialist, you demand and expect that your patients will be treated with the highest level of care. We feel the same way. That’s why our team works diligently to craft the perfect and consistent dosage to ensure the most effective treatment.

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Recommended, not prescribed.

Some medical marijuana patients will claim they have a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana, but marijuana prescriptions are in fact illegal. The federal government classifies marijuana as a schedule I drug. Therefore doctors are unable to prescribe marijuana to their patients, and medical marijuana patients cannot go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription for medical marijuana. Instead of a prescription, physicians registered as practitioners with the Department of Health will supply patients with a medical marijuana recommendation, after certifying that the patient is in compliance with state law. Patients can pick up their medical marijuana medication at one of our Pennsylvania Department of Health-regulated dispensaries.

Under Pennsylvania medical marijuana law (2016 Act 16, Section 303), “medical marijuana may only be dispensed to a patient or caregiver in the following forms: (i) pill; (ii) oil; (iii) topical forms, including gel, creams or ointments; (iv) a form medically appropriate for administration by vaporization or nebulization, excluding dry leaf or plant form… (v) tincture; or (vi) liquid. Unless otherwise provided in regulations adopted by the department under section 1202, medical marijuana may not be dispensed to a patient or a caregiver in dry leaf or plant form.”

In April 2017, state regulators proposed the establishment of an online physicians’ registry that would make it much easier for patients who meet medical marijuana qualifications in Pennsylvania to find doctors who can recommend medical marijuana. The Pennsylvania Department of Health requested feedback, but they made it clear that doctors would not be required to take part in either the registry or the state’s medical marijuana program as a whole. If they do decide to participate in the registry, doctors will have to complete a four-hour training course.

Has a patient asked you about medical marijuana?

If you are a physician who would like to recommend medical marijuana for qualifying patients, you can complete the Practitioner Registry to participate in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program.

Below are steps for physicians to begin recommending medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

1. Physician (MD or DO) must have a valid, unexpired, unrevoked, unsuspended license to practice medicine in Pennsylvania.

2. Physician is qualified to treat serious medical conditions, as designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

3. Physician must complete an online registration with the Pennsylvania Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program

4. Physician must successfully complete at four-hour training course.

5. Physician must provide an in-person examination of the qualifying patient to review the patient’s health records to assess if medical marijuana is appropriate.

6. Physician must issue a patient certification to the Pennsylvania Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program stating that the patient:

a. Has a serious medical condition and is under the physician’s continuing care for the condition.

b. Is likely to receive therapeutic or palliative medical benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

c. Does not have a controlled substance history that would impact the patient’s use of medical marijuana (Patient must be searched in the PA Prescription Drug Monitoring Program).

7. Physician must provide a copy of the patient certification to the patient (or patient caregiver), also submit the patient certification electronically to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and keep a copy of the patient certification in the patient’s health care record.

8. The patient certification allows the physician to recommend the form or dosage of the medical marijuana or allow a medical professional at Solevo Wellness™ to recommend the appropriate form and dosage of medical marijuana to the patient.

9. The patient must complete an online application to obtain a medical marijuana ID card from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

10. Once the patient receives the ID card in the mail, they can take the ID card to Solevo Wellness™ to obtain their medical marijuana.

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