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Medical Marijuana for Veterans

Medical Marijuana for Veterans

As both a medical marijuana patient and veteran, you’re our priority and deserve the highest standard of care. That’s why you can count on Trulieve for personalized services and medical marijuana relief solutions from exceptional pharmacists and medical professionals. It’s your life, and we want to help you get the most out of it.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal for Veterans?

If you’re a veteran who is a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and you suffer from one of the Department of Health’s 23 qualifying medical conditions, you are eligible to include medical marijuana as part of your medical treatment. You will need a valid medical marijuana ID card.

How do Veterans in PA get a medical marijuana ID card?

There is not a specific medical marijuana ID card that is unique to veterans, and vets go through the same approval process as other patients with qualifying conditions. There are a few steps and requirements for patients (and their caregivers) to obtain medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.  

  1. Register online for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program at
  2. Complete an in-person examination and review of health records with a physician registered with the PA Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program.
  3. After obtaining a physician certification, complete the online registration by paying for a medical marijuana ID card.
  4. Obtain medical marijuana at a PA Department of Health-regulated dispensary.

Do you offer a dispensary special for veterans?

We do. Veterans receive 20% off their purchase at our dispensaries. We just ask for a VA card or other form of veteran identification. If you’re a veteran and have a medical marijuana caregiver who purchases on your behalf, please provide your caregiver with your ID and we’ll honor the discount on those purchases.

Should you happen to be a veteran and a caregiver, the discount applies to purchases for your care but not for any other individuals that you may be purchasing for. At Western PA Trulieve, we offer a 10% off on medical marijuana for all patients who are veterans.

Can PTSD be treated with medical marijuana in PA?

Yes, in the Commonwealth of PA this is one of the 23 qualifying conditions and at Trulieve, we offer medical marijuana for veterans with PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be a devastating mental condition that can occur after a traumatizing event has made a person fear their life was in immediate danger. PTSD can be the aftermath of a powerful assault on the person’s mind and emotions and is not uncommon for veterans.

Veteran patients in PA can now legally obtain medical marijuana to alleviate anxiety, sleep disruption and other symptoms associated with PTSD. We recommend speaking with one of our Patient Care Consultants (PCC) at our dispensary to find out which medical marijuana products may be best for your specific treatment plan.