World Book Day: Our Top 5 Cannabis Books

Hello Solevo Family! Today we are celebrating World Book Day by bringing you our 5 favorite books for cannabis education. If you’re a reader, or if you just want more education on your medication, this is definitely for you!

*Disclaimer: These books are not for purchase at Solevo Wellness. Additionally, Solevo Wellness does not condone anything that is not compliant with PA Act. 16.

Beyond Buds

By Ed Rosenthal with David Downs

In Beyond Buds Ed Rosenthal takes it past the flower and into the alternatives to the stereotypical “rolling up and smoking”. Which, just a reminder, is still an illegal method of consumption here in Pennsylvania.

Beyond Buds is a great guide for those patients that are interested in making and/or using these alternative forms of medical marijuana.

Beyond extracts, this book also covers the basics on cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as contains a few recipes for patients to try!

Bong Apetit

by Editors of MUNCHIES

Do you enjoy cooking more than you enjoy reading? We can’t have you feeling left out on World Book Day! So we found a book, just for you.

Bong Apetit is the cookbook you’ve been searching for.

Don’t let the name fool you. In addition to many delicious recipes, Bong Apetit also touches on 4/20 politics, dosing information and which strains pair best with certain flavors. Plus, tips from industry experts! We weren’t lying when we said this is “the cookbook you’ve been searching for”!

Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed & Business

By Ashley Picillo & Lauren Devine

Breaking the Grass Ceiling is an extremely inspirational book for not only woman, but men too. This book highlights the lives and work of 21 women who were instrumental in making the marijuana industry what it is today.

Not only will Breaking the Grass Ceiling inspire you to grow yourself professionally, but it also may help your understanding for the industry grow deeper. Whether you’re looking for advice on getting into and thriving in the industry, or looking for some extra girl power-type motivation, this book is a phenomenal read.

Cannabis Pharmacy

By Michael Backes

If you’ve been apart of the Solevo family for awhile now, you’re probably familiar with our favorite medical marijuana book, Cannabis Pharmacy. We couldn’t let World Book Day pass by without showing love for the book that has helped educate our staff and patients alike!

Cannabis Pharmacy boasts the most-up-to-date studies on the endocannabinoid system, research specific to over 50 medical conditions and information on delivery methods and forms. It really is the medical marijuana “holy grail” that no patient should go without reading.

Green Weed

By Seymour Kindbud

Although we are not allowed to grow our own medicine in Pennsylvania (for the time being, at least), it is still fascinating to learn about how our medicine comes to be.

Green Weed is a full guide to growing your own medical marijuana, but in addition to that it is riddled with educational information to help illustrate how our medicine comes to be. It also may just give you a new appreciation for what our grower/processors “grow” through to bring us the best quality medicine they can!